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Melbourne - Chris Cincotta  Taker of photos. Drinker of coffees. Founder of @HumansInMelbourne Author of 2 📖. Lover of Melbourne 💘 @milymiss #Melbourneiloveyou to be featured!

What do you get when you mix Melbourne and Gymnastics?! This awesomeness!
This weekend some of the greatest gymnasts in the world are here for the Gymnastics World Cup in Melbourne!
Experience the spectacular at Melbourne Arena and cheer on the Aussies in the World Cup and my better half as she goes for gold!! (In coffee drinking!)
We really are the sporting capital of the world!
#spon #Gymasticsworldcup

Hey legends, most of you would know my love for @cobspopcorn! It’s the only popcorn I buy and I always sneak it in to the movies!
Well now you can win a YEARS SUPPLY of Cobs Popcorn just by taking a pic of yourself with your packet of Cobs at the cinemas and hashtagging the pic with #sneakinacobs! A years supply!
Now, I want you all to know that this is an ad. but that every word is the 100% absolute truth. I bloody love Cobs otherwise I wouldn’t post about them 👍


Your morning awesomeness is bought to you by @adzventurers! One of our insta stars, @adzventurers delivers the goods again!

I love photography and I love capturing this city and its surrounds! Photography allows you to show everyone else the world through your eyes. I see the world very colourfully (obviously!) Others see it in black and white, others with a more folky hue... how do you see the world?

A very New York feel to this sunset skyline shot by @chrisasmanis!
The contrast be#etween the sky and the buildings is perfect!
@chrisasmanis has just started his Instagram journey but I can see already he will be one to watch! Be sure to check out his gallery and give him some love!

Early morning wanders through @visitgippsland ❤️
Today we are visiting the @meeniyangarlicfestival so I got up early this morning for a walk with @milymiss! We went up the Mount Nicoll lookout and the view was stunning!

I’m away in Meeniyan for the @meeniyangarlicfestival this weekend and you know what’s around the corner? Wilson’s Prom! This gorgeous capture is by the legend @fabiooliveira who has one of the most epic galleries on insta!! #melbourneiloveyou #visitgippsland

Want to hear a love story? Ok!
5 years ago, yesterday, I met this girl...
I fell in love with her almost immediately!
She is the reason I stayed in Melbourne after travelling for so many years.
She is the reason I started Melbourneiloveyou and Humans In Melbourne.
She is the reason for so much happiness in my life...
She is the girl I will marry #spoileralert
So much love to you all and especially to you @milymiss. You’re the love of my life ❤️ #Melbourneiloveyou

A beautiful take on this classic shot by @jrodcaptures! Really gives you the mood of the city here.
@jrodcaptures has a really incredible gallery with so many gorgeous shots! Be sure to check it out and to give him some love!

How’s the reflection?!
It was a lovely rainy morning and the king of rain photos in Melbourne is without a doubt @adzventurers!
I can’t speak highly enough of Adam’s work and this shot is no exception!
@adzventurers has one of the best Melbourne galleries! If you’re not following this legend, you’re just missing out!

Who said the Docklands can’t be gorgeous?! @lukesphotographymelbs... that’s all you need to know 🙌


A beautiful view from Williamstown, it’s one of my favourites!
I hope your Sunday was relaxing and you’re ready for a great week ahead!

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