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Melanie Boehmer  MS, RD, CISSN🍎 #NutritionByMel Nutrition. Eats. Fitness. Passion. Spirituality. Love. Life. 🌻 MBoehmerNutrition@gmail.com

"If you want to work on your body, do it with love. Don't work hard because you hate your body, work hard because you love your body; it is your home, your sacred temple where your beautiful soul resides, your treasure where thousands of memories are echoing." - Quasim Chauhan
#thisiseverything #🌻

Protein is used in every single cell of the body and is critical for building muscle mass, supporting neurological function, aiding in digestion, balancing hormones, and keeping a 🤗on your face.
Tempeh is made from whole fermented soybeans. Not only is it a high protein #plantbased food, but the fermentation process actually helps to convert some of the protein into amino acids (meaning that your body doesn't have to work as hard to digest it).
Tempeh is becoming popular, and I am seeing more stores carrying tempeh products. Because of its nutritional value, it's a staple in vegan and vegetarian households. Tempeh is easy and fun to cook with because it absorbs other flavors quickly. With a firm texture and earthy flavor, it makes a great substitute for most meat products. And while I love meat, I do enjoy a good #veggilicious meal.
So if you're looking to incorporate more plant based proteins into your diet, give tempeh a try. I promise you won't be disappointed.😉 #plantshaveproteintoo

Courage. 🦁
Courage is a concept that we tend to reserve as a label for large, inspiring occasions. And yet, I feel like we show signs of courage everyday in various ways that we never acknowledge or credit ourselves for. We just don't think of small moments as being courageous. But you know what? Sometimes I feel like it takes MORE courage to make everyday decisions than it does the "big" ones. It is in the smallest of moments that I find myself choosing to live a fearless life.
Courage is a choice. We are courageous each time we tell the truth rather than avoid it. We are courageous when we can accept constructive criticism without becoming defensive or angry. We are courageous each time we fail at something we desire and risk judgement by trying it again, rather than abandoning the desire to achieve the goal.
Learn to recognize those seemingly small and insignificant moments that challenge you to speak your truth. Recognize these moments as steps towards a life lived fearlessly, and choose to share your light with the world.❤️

Happiness is this right here.❤️

The secret ingredient is always love.❤️ #lunchtime #nutritionmatters

"I love myself."
The quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever.❤️

Monday's Mantra:
Be lush and blooming.

✨That moment when you're laughing with someone and realize halfway through how much you enjoy them and their existence.✨
#sundaymood #magic

On Fridays, we flex.💪🏽

#TBT to what is our standard weekend breakfast. 🤤 A pile of vegetables cooked with thick cut bacon (for that flava flave) and some farm fresh eggs. It actually doesn't get much better, Gracie obviously agrees.😏

Do you ever feel like you're being pulled in different directions? Like the world is literally grabbing you by the hand and saying "This is important! You need to do this now! Ohh wait, this too!"
When this happens take a moment to clear your head. When your body says something, listen to it. When your mind is burnt out, respect that. We can either work with or against ourselves, the choice belongs to us.❤️

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Please shine down on me☀️ #AllaboutthatD

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