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Melanoma Network of Canada  The Melanoma Network of Canada is a national charity providing information and services in the fight against melanoma.

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Another 6 month CT scan! The scary thing about cancer is it can be in your body and you won’t even know it. The way I found out is I was out hiking with my dog, I felt short of breath. Went to the doctor and he sent me for an x Ray, within 10 minutes of my x Ray I got a phone call saying you need to go to emergency at the hospital. That’s where this whole journey began. In a way hiking saved my life, if I wasn’t pushing myself physically I may have never found out until it may have been to late. I’m sharing this to bring awareness to the importance of being physically active. The importance of reducing your alcohol intake, the importance of reducing stress in your life. The importance of quitting smoking. Some of my friends have said to me they are not afraid of death well you don’t want to be where I am. Even though I am cancer free there is still a chance of it reoccurring and that thought is all ways in the back of my mind. I hope to inspire you to make a change in your own life?? Have a wicked day and get outside for some exercise, I want to inspire you to do things you enjoy daily!!!! #melanomaawareness #melanomasurvivor #cancersurvivor #stage4cancerthriver @saveyourskinfdn @melanomanetwork

Screen the one you love this Valentines day.

For info on how to self exam and the signs of melanoma visit:

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On behalf of the Melanoma Network of Canada, we are pleased to present Medx Health with the Corporate Citizenship award for their outstanding commitment to raise awareness of melanoma within the community. The award was designed by Canadian artist Paull Rodrigue. Paull is a graduate of Sheridan College Institute’s Glass Program in Oakville Ontario. He has already made a signicant mark in the Canadian contemporary art glass community. Paull’s work came be found in galleries across Canada and at home with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.
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#WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan educate Canadians on artificial tanning devices which emit 15x the amount of UV rays as from sun exposure. One tanning bed session can increase your chances of developing skin cancer. UV exposure also damages your skin and causes early wrinkling and photo aging. Tanning beds are damaging yet we still see them in health clubs across the country. #banthetan
Love your natural skin tone. There is no such thing as a healthy tan.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer but it is one of the most preventable with early detection. Ask your doctor to check your skin at your next physical and check your skin monthly for suspicous or changing moles. #WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan #melanoma #melanomaawareness
To learn how to spot melanoma visit https://www.melanomanetwork.ca/how-to-prevent-melanoma/#abc
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Join us on February 4th for #worldcancerday and help us fight against cancer. Download the "Sign for Change Selfie Card" from our website or help share our messages as we post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook about prevention and awareness of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. #melanoma #melanomaawareness

#bellletstalk partners are often the primary caregivers and often forget to take care of themselves. Make sure you ask for help. Our support groups and one on one support options are open to anyone whose has been changed by melanoma. #melanomasupport #melanom #cancer #caregiver

#bellletstalk you are not alone. Call, email, Join one of our support groups or online programs or visit our online melanoma forum for ways to connect and get help. #melanomasupport #melanoma #melanomaawareness #anxiety

The end of treatment brings a lot of anxiety triggers. It's a time when you start to grieve the losses that are not always concrete and process emotions. Treatment provides a sense of structure and safety, because there is a lot of medical attention. When treatment is done individuals feel abandoned. But you are not alone and your feelings are felt by many individuals ending treatment. #bellletstalk #melanoma #melanomasupport #csncer #skincancer #anxiety

My winter #sunsafety look for #NationalHatDay. Don't let the cold temps fool you. #uv rays are still strong in the winter months and snow is a good reflector doubling a persons #UV exposure
#sunsmart #melanomaawareness #melanomaprevention #SkinCancer #melanoma

We are celebrating #NationalHatDay in the office. Show off your #sunsafe essential with us today. Broad brimmed hats shade your face neck and ears from high #uv rays. Suspicious moles are often found on the ear and neck. Be sure to #checkyourskin
#melanomaawareness #melanomaprevention
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Contest Alert: Celebrate #NationalHatDay with the Melanoma Network of Canada on Monday January 15th. Share a picture of your favorite broad brimmed hat on Facebook or Instagram and tag @melanomanetwork with the hastag #sunsafe and we will send you a Ben & Jerrys ice cream coupon.
For Canadian residents only (Coupon only valid in Canada) Photo by Ander Burdain

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