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Melanie Thüringer  Ashtanga #Yoga ❤️🙏🏼 200h certified from Austria. 24

We had such a good week in Italy/Switzerland. Stunning lake views, adventurous drives, pizza or pasta everyday. Lots of Aperol Spritz and wine 💁🏼‍♀️ Spending time with family is so precious 💓 And I made an effort to spend as little time on the phone as possible. I think it‘s so important to be a little more mindful with that these days. Especially when you‘re with people you don‘t get to spend time with everyday.
Have a beautiful start to the week 💗 #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #lagomaggiore

I‘ve honestly been waiting for so long to take one of Talia‘s classes in person. She‘s one of the teachers who have a deep understanding of the big picture of yoga and you can feel that in her words and energy. Thank you for the wonderful class @talia_sutra 💗 I was so happy to meet you!

Back home now. Can I just tell you how insanely GRATEFUL and HAPPY I am? Even though the start to my vacation was not as expected it turned out to be one of the best I've ever had. Who would have known two weeks ago just after I ruptured my eardrum on the first (of eight 😂) flights. Yes, I definitely had a meltdown but it showed that you can still make the best of any situation. You just have to give the best you can, go with the flow, relax and accept. Would you be able to do so? Or do you hold onto your plans/expectations tightly? Let go. 😌 #Philippines #Boracay thank you for the photo (and everything) @_saandramo_ 😘

2 pm I‘m writing this sitting in a doctor‘s waiting room in Stockholm. Slightly desperate and wondering why I‘ve had to go through so much physical and emotional pain ever since end of last year. I feel like I never had a break since then. From extreme toothache in Nov and Jan, over disappointments, over still not being 💯 able to eat on my right side, to.... now. I can’t board my flight to Hong Kong this afternoon and I will miss my connection flight to the Philippines because my eardrum burst on my flight to Stockholm this morning. It was so. painful.
5:30 pm My parents and my friend @saandramo helped me in every way they could and I am so grateful I have them. I‘m staying in my friend‘s flat now and will take my flights on Monday.
I’m not sure what lesson I have to learn. DETACHMENT. Of plans. Of expectations. Of money. PATIENCE. TRUST. Yes, I had a meltdown today and felt sorry for myself. But my faith and trust in God and the universe can never be shaken. ✨ Everything. Will. Be. Okay. (Always.) #yoga #meditation

I turned 24 today !!! 😊 I‘m so very grateful for this life with all its highs and lows. Striving to stay open and present and do/find what makes my soul happy in the new year. 💓 #yoga #heartopener

I've also been making meditation a DAILY habit the past few months. I think the only excuse was when I had the most intense physical pain for a week and I was happy to just be able to sleep once the pain killers kicked in. Oh toothache. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyway, here's what works for me:
▫️ Find a place where you can be alone. I wouldn't recommend going outside (too much noise and distractions if you're a beginner)
▫️Try 10, 15 or even 20 minutes. I know 5 minutes is better than nothing but can you really relax completely in five mins? I can't 😂 Take your time. I learned that 20 minutes is the most effective amount of time in my Transcendental Meditation course. I only do 15 though most days.
▫️ You can sit on a cushion or a chair. Wherever you're comfortable.
▫️Try out guided meditations. I LOVE @1giantmind and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start. The app is free and they have a 12 day course. 😊🙏🏼
When is your favorite time of the day to meditate? Morning or evening? 🤔🌅🌠
#yoga #meditation

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to do a 12 week training program just to see if I could actually make it (you may know #BBG by @kayla_itsines). I‘m SUPER SUPER proud and stoked to say I just completed it!!!!! 💪🏼🔥😍 That’s 36 workouts and I didn’t miss one. I‘ve never trained on such a high intensity level before and it‘s safe to say I feel stronger than ever.
We‘ll see how I continue from here... because the last three months my week schedule revolved around getting all the workouts, yoga, meditation in (and a little bit of social life 😂😜). Which is cool if you have lots of time but can get stressful if you work a full time job 🤷🏼‍♀️👉🏼 Feel free to share your time management tips with me haha

I just finished reading Conversations With God by Neale D Walsch. One of my favorite passages (there were many good ones) was where God says, that life is not about discovering but creating who-we-are . That we are free to make a NEW choice in EVERY moment if we didn't like the last one.
Yep, I'm one of those people who underline paragraphs so I can come back to and re-read them easier. That's probably why I don't like ereaders so much.
📖 What's your favorite book? A must-read? 😊
Testing some new yoga clothes by @aimnsportswear 👌🏼 #prsample #yoga #yogaswitzerland #handstand #bbg

I’ve thought about closing my account many times the past year. But... If I can inspire just one person to try yoga or even start a regular practice. If I can inspire just one person to try meditation. If I can inspire just one person to read a book they saw on my story. Or just to think about it. Then all of this is worth it. After all that’s how I found yoga- through the internet. The practice of yoga continues to inspire ME to live a more conscious life everyday and to choose better. Or maybe that’s what yoga IS anyway. It doesn‘t mean that you aren’t allowed to have fun anymore, god no. It means that you‘re willing to become a better person and that you know you have a choice. That you‘re trying. #SundayThoughts #Yoga #YogaSwitzerland #Ashtanga #Marichyasana

Journey to one arm handstand 🤸🏼‍♀️Getting closer. Any tips?
Good old days when I used to set my camera on continuous shooting, then pop up one hand for a millisecond to make it look like I could actually do it on the photo 😄🙈 yep I lied. #handstand #yogaswitzerland Music in the background is Hurt To Look by Swae Lee

When you successfully drop down to chinstand and wonder if pressing back up to handstand is an option. Wasn't. 😅
I saw this on @langjo1117's page and thought I'd tryyy 🤸🏼‍♀️. Concentration face on.
Music is post malone/psycho. #handstand #chinstand #yogaswitzerland

Just something I've been playing around with... Handstand push-ups 🤸🏼‍♀️😊 #howlowcanyougo

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