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thinking I'm a fashion blogger in the sun when really I was staring at my future husband ☀️

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vibin on some real love ~•🚀

don't smoke dartz kids or I will blow them out. sorry @mraaronmgraham 😂

princess yasmina • prince ali • princess malikha

every girl needs that best friend to help strike a pose with, that's ok aaron I got you

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️❤️❤️ today is the day where most single people dread waking up to because it's 'ONLY' for people who are in relationships. This is so not true, today is a day to remind us to spread love to one another, like friends, family and gods creations. Despite being single on this day I'm so happy because the only love I need is the love from God. To be happy is to love yourself and your neighbour and I found that in my faith ✝ so hope everyone enjoys their Valentines whilst I spend the rest of mine at the gym 😂

girls at the Joondalup @villainsclothingwa ! so happy with your services as always, why I always come back 😘 💜

Today I did something that I feel really heartfelt about. If you don't know a lot about me I am a person that strongly believes in things that happen for a reason. Today was the first day I had stepped in church this year after being so tied up with work and not waking up early enough to go to an earlier service due to being so hungover. This morning my beautiful mum woke me up early enough to attend the first service and as much as I could have said no and stayed in my comfortable bed and slept in, I for some reason said no let's go! As I was sitting through the service I was saying to myself this does not relate to any situation in my life but little did I know this service was about something I feel strongly about! As the service went on I started crying, my tears were never ending and then the pastor started crying, can you imagine an ex male cop shedding tears in front of everyone. This post may be irrelevant to you but it means so much to me. At the end of the service I have found myself sponsoring a child in Cambodia , as children and poverty have always hit a soft spot and is close to home for me. I just know that the Holy Spirit was really calling upon me to come to the service today and I can't be more happier to be leaving the service providing finances for a beautiful child that now can get the same privileges of what I had as a kid!

happy goonbag day ☀️

wow what can I say! I'm gonna be that stereotypical person to post a transformation pic but you know what idgaf because I'm really proud of how far I've come! The pic on the left was me two years ago when I was going through a shit//complicated relationship and hit rock bottom with family issues so I was heavily reliant on drugs, alcohol and the binge eating that came from that (lol I still eat shit not gonna lie). Two years later, the present with a new mindset of living a positive life and living the best life! I never thought the gym life was making a difference but I compared the two photos.... I'm actually gonna thank @commander_zero_ for pushing my ass from day 1 and @__jlpt @tomeric12 @aminking._ @__mya__x giving me tips when I see you guys at the gym 😂😂😂 AND OF COURSE MY BESTFRAN @jennnyggg 💜 anything is possible with a strong mindset 💕

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