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Melanie Friedel  1 Timothy 4:12 Q//NYC Wilhelmina//Miami Chicago LA

V unprepared for winter, thx for letting me steal your closet mags xo ❄️

Thank you to my LLB family for continually bringing me to the coolest locations to shoot. You all have a special place in my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️

When you take up boxing and automatically think you’re a pro #lol #me

I see you Fall, creeping around the corner ☺️🍂 <<not mad about it>>

The sweetest, kindest, most giving person out there—
She’s gonna change the world

Got a pink lip at work and I am ~living~ for it!!!!

@kendrascott back to school shot by @treverhoehne 💓🏸📓

@karsynbartruff and I are back to school!! 🍕🏸📁📚 @kendrascott

Last bits of summer ✨

Shoulda been a ballet dancer 👣


✨ by @lenamelnik

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