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Melanie Friedel  1 Timothy 4:12 Q//NYC Wilhelmina//Miami Chicago LA

It took me 12 of hours of stress to get here so I decided to make a vacation out of it ❤️

Back to the fall weather of my dreams ☀️🍂

Missing Maui 🌺

We raced to this cutie little trail to get some pics before the sun set. Hard to believe we’ve been together for 3 years but at the same time he’s never actually asked me to be his girlfriend so are we even dating?? Anthony’s story is that I forced him into a relationship with me which honestly sounds like something I would do but at the same time I’m way too stubborn to ever go along with it. It’s like a girl proposing to a guy. Just doesn’t happen and I’m just too proud, way too proud ;) so I guess for now we’ll be in limbo with no real anniversary date until one of us (Anthony) caves. 🙃💓 ** side note I understand Anthony’s eyebrows desperately need to be brushed up but he refuses to let me do it so now that this is out in the open I’m hoping it will change his mind and he will let me HELP HIM ok thank u

V unprepared for winter, thx for letting me steal your closet mags xo ❄️

Thank you to my LLB family for continually bringing me to the coolest locations to shoot. You all have a special place in my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️

When you take up boxing and automatically think you’re a pro #lol #me

I see you Fall, creeping around the corner ☺️🍂 <<not mad about it>>

The sweetest, kindest, most giving person out there—
She’s gonna change the world

Got a pink lip at work and I am ~living~ for it!!!!

@kendrascott back to school shot by @treverhoehne 💓🏸📓

@karsynbartruff and I are back to school!! 🍕🏸📁📚 @kendrascott