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Melanie Friedel  1 Timothy 4:12 Q//NYC Wilhelmina//Miami Chicago LA

Missing LA lunch dates with @baskinchamp .. no one makes me smile this big 😁😁😁

Bridal Guide editorial & cover Dec/Jan 2019 💓💓

Photo: @terrydoylephoto
Hair/makeup: @cheyennnemakeup

Modern Salon January ‘19 issue ✨

Photo: @roberto_ligresti_studio
Hair: @totastudio
Makeup: @jennythomasbeauty

Heading back to NY tonight after 3 weeks in FL and I’m thinking my bag is over 50lbs sooooo mentally preparing myself for the overweight fee 😩 help help

New for @trueandco ✨✨

When I came home my mom was telling me how she’s taken like 300-something pilates classes this year and I was like oh that’s cool I wonder how many I’ve taken. I kid you not the next day SLT sent me an email saying it’s been “a #soreAF year” with a congratulations for taking 33 classes this year. 33. And my mom has taken 300. So thank you SLT for trying to make me feel better about myself but really you just kicked a girl when she was down. Anyways today I took my first pilates class of 2019 and my mom has already taken 5 so it looks like we are heading on the same track as last year!! Yay 2019

Happiest here 🙃

Today I got a flu shot and honestly it was a long time coming, but I am deathly afraid of needles (and I’m a future RN LOL). Was about a 1/10 on the pain scale but now my arm sore with about a 3/10. Also my sister was really embarrassed to take this pic of me but I just really needed to document the outfit so thanks sis for taking one for the team!!! Merry Christmas Eve everyone 💞🙏🏼🎁🎄 *edit for mom: she wants everyone to know that I was too afraid to get the meningitis B shot but in my defense when I got the first shot (it’s a two-shot series) my arm was paralyzed for a week (literally) so the meningitis B is gonna be a no from me ✌🏼

Will be going home w some splinters and bruises but that’s whatcha GET when you’re clumsy AF

Nowhere near this sunny state anymore but I had the most amazing, fun time with all of my friends and family. Forever thankful for everything I have, and especially for my fatty. (See my story for my fatty). 🐈🧶

Last few hours in this sunny warm beautiful tropical airy <everything good basically> state ☀️☀️☀️ #backtony #ugh

It took me 12 of hours of stress to get here so I decided to make a vacation out of it ❤️

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