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MelMac  🌻Brisbane|Fitness|Growing ➖Bikini Competitor/powerlifter 🍐Nutrition big noter ▪️All about that 🍑 🔹MelMac Lashes

No more bathers season for a while now #summer #winter #tan #glow

Curly hair don't care #tgif #friday #wild 😎💃

Dropping this photo early today butt haha pun intended because I'm excited and have crazy DOMS, I'll be smashing out a booty work out this weekend instead with @apolisixo #booty🍑 #bootyislife @bendbands

I ❤️ Compound movements #humpwednesday #humpday #booty🍑

When you are actually always kind and super optimistic, but your resting bitch face is like... ahh nup bitch where? 😂 #wintersun #tan #curves #bitchplease

Capture my good cheek please #booty🍑 #bootyislife #legday #eachtotheirown

Always save enough energy to be real with yourself.🙌💃
if you are scared to leave the house because of jeopardizing an image you feel you have to uphold. Then you should start practicing the art of not giving a fuck ✔️.
Yeah there's a minimal standard that you should maintain 🤦 for example: not smelling like ass after a 3 day Netflix binge. .
But other than that be a role model and let others see that you can and WILL look different on bad or good days fuck not even that somedays I'm just straight up lazy ❤️😊 #loveyourlife #loveyourself #beconfident #beconsistent

HAPPY WEEKEND - BEAUTIFUL FAM ❤️#love #werk #weekendvibes #smile

How good is smiling? It just brightens up any room 😍✔️ #smile #love #live

#humpwednesday I love me a 💋🍑 #peachy kind of day #blessed #booty

I'm Insecure about my #cellulite and my #nostrils on the right angle when taking photos I'm like uhhh damn girls that's a big nostril 😂 but I wouldn't change a thing. My nose represents my genes. #proud #love #bodypostive

‼️❤️MUST READ‼️❤️
Surrounding yourself with positive like minded people who tell you the truth and not comfortable lies is what's important. If you're the strongest person in the room you're in the wrong room. Challenge is crucial to grow.
If they justify your shitty behaviour so you can live in your own cushioned denial THEN my friend they're not a friend. The truth hurts but the hole that it burns in your ego is eligible for fullfilment, fill the damn hole with power, confidence, energy, passion and health.
If you so happen to be fortunate enough to cross the path of someone who offends you then you need to grab that person and learn from them. Because I discovered when ever smeone offended me it's because they were tapping into the shit I learnt to supressed but knew existed I made a yucky habit of pushing these issues to the side.
#live #love #werk #play .
Shout out to all those who work hard amd or smart and who do so ethically 😎😎

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