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***vulnerable moment*** I have had a terrible time within the last year or two to allow my emotions to dictate whether or not i “feel” up to you working out 🏋️ or whether I feel like I should eat something that isn’t as healthy for me especially when I’m working towards a big goal. But this morning I made the decision regardless of how I felt I knew I needed to get up and get to it.
There are always going to be moments when i don’t feel like doing something. But when it comes to making the decision I will either be in my feelings or I will work for my big goals. Like my body or a business I have to know and recognize when my feelings have to go on the back burner.
#happyFriday #goals

There are moments when you look at yourself and decide to make changes, elevate yourself, or let go of circumstances that just don’t serve you anymore.
It’s okay to change.
#motivation #new #passion #livefree

Positive, passionate, and feeling adventurous! Happy Tuesday! ☀️😃

Congrats to Les and Cam I love the two of you!
I also can’t wait to cerlebrate the bachelorette with all these girls! 🥰🎉 #herringbone

This is a throwback photo to this girls dirty 30. She is a woman who has supported me and been there for me in more ways then I can possibly say or thank.

#vibes #goodvibes #friendshipgoals #love

So I stepped on the scale today and I must have double checked it about 4 or 5 times just to make sure the number is right! Over the last couple weeks I’m down 5 pounds and within the last few months for sure down 10. About 2 weeks ago I recommitted myself to a process that I started to feel overwhelmed and anxious by.
Somehow I lost site of the day to day simplicity of what needed to be done, but I started sticking to food that was healthy and that tasted good and I got back into exercising, nothing crazy but I knew consistency was necessary.
It has been probably about 4 years since I stepped on the scale and saw the number I saw today. Somewhere a long the way I let the idea of what I wanted to achieve; get bigger then effort it would take.
It’s crazy how just a couple weeks of consistency could make me feel like a person that I haven’t felt like in quite a long time. 💪🤸🏼‍♂️

Happy International women’s Day!
Thank you to all the amazing and beautiful women that Inspire and motivate me. I’m proud by all the amazing women in my life that have pushed and continue to push me to greater heights in every aspect of my life.
It’s a moment for us as women to embrace our femininity, our strength, our power, our minds, and our unity. I have always been supported and pushed by those I love and that is was I believe my duty is to give back. Let’s all rise and thrive together. 🙌💪 #internationalwomensday

I have recently learned to embrace all my small wins. Big goals take time but acknowledging the process and thanking myself and “feeling” happy a long the way is so important. It is so easy to get caught up in the “I haven’t made it yet thought” that I lose the moment of gratitude I should be giving myself.
Here is to the moment of thanking myself and body for the small moments of accomplishment that lead to big wins and enjoying the journey and not just the destination.

There can be people, patterns in life, situations or circumstances that we have to walk away from in order to elevate. When it’s time to raise that vibe and you feel it inside your very core you know it’s time to walk away, not in sadness but In joy. It’s time for your best self to shine. #spiritjunkie

Congratulations 🎉 to this beautiful mama and her twins on the way!

❄️ just a little snow in Vegas!

She loves all of the babes! ❤️#dogmom

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