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Melanie Norris Dulaney  Painter in Asheville, NC Work available for purchase through studio: melanieknorris@gmail.com


Progress shot. I'm going to do a series of three of these. Quieter meditation paintings to practice restraint. After spending 6ish months doing paintings that indulged nearly every impulse, this is touuuugh. #watercolor #oil #portrait #painting #contemporaryart #artcollector #artcurator #curator

First pass at an idea, diptych on paper to iron out. #watercolor #portrait #oil #contemporaryart #artcollector #figurative #painting #studio

Floral knees. Close-up of "Bo'kay II".

I'm giving this painting away. Stick with me..There have been so many heavy things ranging through our world, and the hurricanes have proved so devastating in places already hurting. It just doesn't seem fair, and a lot of us feel illegitimately lucky to carry on unscathed. To help with relief, anyone can email me some kind of proof of donation to any relief organization - large or small, any amount and you can black out the amount because I don't need to know - and I'll draw a name from the pool to send this "Study of Marie". We can work together to help our brothers and sisters. Also, anyone with a good idea of where to send our donations, please share them below!! Any other artists or creators want to jump in on this?

Married 3 years today. Painted this in 2013. @jacksondulaney ❤️

"Bo'kay II (Pokeberry)" 18"x24" watercolor and oil on panel. Been looking at the flowers, plants and weeds growing around the area for color and texture. Experimenting with a way to paint people inhabiting a specific region. #watercolor #oil #portrait #painting #painter #contemporaryart #artcollector #curator

Studio is not quite done, but I'm just too excited and already started moving in. It is the physical manifestation of my entire savings account, and my pride and joy. ✨✨💫 #studio #painter

Portrait of my dad. He and my mom have driven over the mountain every week to help me build my studio, and he'll call me at night with more ideas of how to make it equally functional and unusual. At one point there was going to be a folding roof. His brain is so alive with contraptions, engine parts, mechanical genius. Love my family. #watercolor #portrait #painting #studio

"Chin Strap." initial study on paper for much larger diptych painting to come.
#contemporaryart #portrait #painting #watercolor #oil #curator #artcollector

Close-up of shoulder in refinished painting. My nephew taught me how to draw locks, which are blobs with a quick swipe through one side. The motions he used to draw them were so intentional and expressive and beautiful, I've been repeating them over and over in my new paintings, reveling in the simple genius of a 3 year old.

#watercolor #painter #painting #portrait #studio

New studio project: Gravel week. I've been spreading 7 tons of gravel this week with a shovel and a few other (now busted) gardening tools. Im figuring it out as I go, but it feels good to take a break from painting to do some manual labor. The studio shell was built by some amazing Amish builders in Tennessee and will hopefully be delivered tomorrow. I went to check it out yesterday and my jaw dropped. They did such a great job and I'm excited to share pictures of it soon!!
#studio #painter

From Identity series, 33"x43" watercolor and oil pastel.
#watercolor #portrait #painting #artcollector #curator #contemporaryart

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