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Mela Ward  Pictures speak louder than bios. Stay curious💡

Watching @krawczyk_tom navigate an old film camera, which resembled a prehistoric brick, blew my mind. For realz watching the thought process behind each shot was fascinating. Sometimes you have time to set up a shot, other times you’ve just got to react and hope it will develop 🏀 #metaphor4lyfe #baller

10 tips to survive city life
1. Runaway
2. Repeat

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life ⏳

Waste or worm food? Play nice now, I have feelings and don’t plan on decomposing for at least 80years 😉This is a month of plastic, I am not disappointed nor satisfied. I challenged myself and even a few bystanders. Mostly the 16yo local deli kids weekly as I explained how to tare containers on scales and use tongs instead of gloves. In all honestly I didn’t find a month without plastic as hard as I imagined, and I can confirm I’m not ready for “plastic free july” to end so I will be doing BMFWLPF…loosely translated to Being More Fantastic With Less Plastic Forever.
Tough times: Finding rice cakes and crackers that aren’t in plastic. Along with berries that aren’t in plastic punnet's. Trying to regain my tastebuds after an attempt at making coconut yogurt. Apparently 48hours is too long to let it cultivate. Free stylin' with live cultures isn’t recommended folks.

Nothing to it: Using paper mushroom bags to put loose fruit, vege & bread in rather than the plastic produce bags. Using a bamboo straw & reusable spoon for goodies when prowling the streets for deliciousness.

Juicy bits: Embracing the DIY life closely following by being told my actions were inspiring others to change. I made these choices and did this month as a personal endeavour to feel better about my choices. But its motivating to know it has had a positive effect on others just from a simple gesture or conversation. Thats how it started for me, and thats how it will continue. “When plastic comes of age it shall clog the arteries of those who invented it.” 💡💡💡

Australia/n rocks.

Indo dreaming✨

People change, I am changing, I am also raging. The more I learn about pollution the more it sends me into small bursts of rage. Plastic Free July I am yours. I need to push myself to be better because I am tired of seeing mindless plastic use, mine included and the damage it has on our environment. Last night I ate candle light dinner on the beach, everything was wonderful but I could see in the rock pools something bobbing up and down in the water. I left my dinner and walked out to the rock pools to find three plastic water bottles floating in the ocean. Luckily the venders had recycling specifically for bottles. Success. Today I stare out at the ocean while working on my computer, a plastic bag floats past 3 people. At this point its been in everyone’s sight for at least 10minutes. My blood pressure is through the roof, I’m either going to drown somebody, internally combust or get in the water. So I strip down leave my computer at the rooftop bar and swim out and get it. Please start evolving people, I get it, I am it. Its hard to achieve in our own country, let alone a developing country, but c’mon its not that hard. If you’ve had enough too, join me and challenge yourself to Plastic Free July, or even plastic free for just 1 week. Keep any plastic you accidentally use so you can see your impact. Start small and see where your weakness’s are. Mine is cutlery and packaged food/products 🚫♻️🙏🏻 🤙🏽🐢🐳

Smokin darts breakin harts since 93

Last nights playtime, before we ate the donut van dry. 100kg looking pretty. @carinachirila keeping me in the zone 🍩🍩🍩

#worldturtleday vs #iquitplastic:
I spent some time working in a turtle rehabilition facility, here’s what I learnt 🐢

Turtles are one of the most impacted marine animals when it comes to plastic pollution. They are scavengers and unfortunately plastics look like food once in the big blue. Plastic bag or jelly fish? Not to mention straws, bottle caps, and wrappers. On a scale of 1 to plastic vortex floating in the sea, Australia is mediocre, I still find plastics on my beach EVERYDAY and what about plastics floating across the seas from other countries? 🤯 
What happens once a turtle swallows plastic? Plastic is derived from petroleum and oils making it impossible for the digestive system to cope with. This creates a blockage in their system which leads to an air bubble forming under the shell. This is devastating as it means Mr/Mrs T can no longer dive and submerge which leads to starvation, sun damage, attack from prey ending in death 😔 Most turtles brought to the centre are found floating in the waves with an air bubble under their shell and very underweight. 
Once at the rehab you can’t surgically cut into the shell so the only hope is to be force fed and wait months to see if the blockage will pass from their system. 
That’s why we will be saying señora to plastics and oppting for zero waste and recycled packaging @ethnx_community ♻️ Friends & Fam if you want to keep up to date with the new project, jump across to @ethnx_community for updates. #tbt Belize 🎬

When I see boab trees I know I’m home. Only found in one corner of Australia, with cousins in Africa. Close to 1000 years this cogger 🌖🌘🌒

Replace to do lists with ways to feel. The mug says it all. My mug not their mug ☺️

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