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Mela Ward  Work hard, play harder, think bigger 🌍 💭🌴

Last nights playtime, before we ate the donut van dry. 100kg looking pretty. @carinachirila keeping me in the zone 🍩🍩🍩

#worldturtleday vs #iquitplastic:
I spent some time working in a turtle rehabilition facility, here’s what I learnt 🐢

Turtles are one of the most impacted marine animals when it comes to plastic pollution. They are scavengers and unfortunately plastics look like food once in the big blue. Plastic bag or jelly fish? Not to mention straws, bottle caps, and wrappers. On a scale of 1 to plastic vortex floating in the sea, Australia is mediocre, I still find plastics on my beach EVERYDAY and what about plastics floating across the seas from other countries? 🤯 
What happens once a turtle swallows plastic? Plastic is derived from petroleum and oils making it impossible for the digestive system to cope with. This creates a blockage in their system which leads to an air bubble forming under the shell. This is devastating as it means Mr/Mrs T can no longer dive and submerge which leads to starvation, sun damage, attack from prey ending in death 😔 Most turtles brought to the centre are found floating in the waves with an air bubble under their shell and very underweight. 
Once at the rehab you can’t surgically cut into the shell so the only hope is to be force fed and wait months to see if the blockage will pass from their system. 
That’s why we will be saying señora to plastics and oppting for zero waste and recycled packaging @ethnx_community ♻️ Friends & Fam if you want to keep up to date with the new project, jump across to @ethnx_community for updates. #tbt Belize 🎬

When I see boab trees I know I’m home. Only found in one corner of Australia, with cousins in Africa. Close to 1000 years this cogger 🌖🌘🌒

Replace to do lists with ways to feel. The mug says it all. My mug not their mug ☺️

Step 1: Become besties with backwards
Step 2: Power
Step 3: Tend to carpet burn 😂
#2018yearofthebackflip #2018inhospital

Flipped some tractor tyres. Won some cash. #ringerforadollar #payingoffgym

Watching silky sky’s slide across northern sky’s with @re.allity 🍿🍿🍿

Watching life fall from the sky.

I like my chocolate salted 🌊

“I’d put my art in there” 😂

We looked over the edge in amazement for the dry creek bed had turned to thin air. It came out of nowhere around that last bend. Some feral cattle tracks led us down into a dry creek line and set the compass on course. Midday on day three, the sun belting on our backs we stood at the base of mt fark that hill and decided to break our line to try get around it instead. Razor Spinfex grass had given us a hiding and this hill was covered in it and jagged crumbly rock that looked like a rolled ankle before lunch🤘🏽The creek had widened and narrowed, bent right, then left and just as I started to question if we were still heading in the right direction the rubble stopped and smooth rock flowed over a tingling drop. We dropped our packs and flopped down legs dangling over the edge. 👀 Examining the dark water, contemplating a way to get down. An hour later at the bottom we ripped our gear off and swam across the murky water to look for art. Normally one to pass up a dip in a green pool our minds had been reshaped from the previous day swimming through a chasm of 1000’s of bats and snake skin walls a meter wide, the sun did not make it this far into the centre of the escarpment, it was black like night besides the beady eyes. Our head torches shown some encouragement on one of the most HECTIC places I’ve ever been 💆🏼‍♀️🐍🦇🕷Back to this day, little did we know a few hours later just as our water supplies had reached priority level we layed our eyes on the most crystal clear waterhole made from the heavens. Maybe one day I’ll share that picture, but instead I’ll plan round two. July if your interested. Dates TBD. Nothing compares to this place, it will melt your mind💎💎💎

Japanese story, far from finished ❤️ #secondhome

Snow in Tokyo. As rare as actually reading the terms and conditions before agreeing 🍧

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