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Melissa Urbanec  call me Mel

Who's that weird blonde girl behind me

Mardi Gras, you will not be missed

this was too pretty this morning to not share 🌷

same amount of flowers as I got today

dumb, dumber, & dumbest

Living across the alley from you is dangerous

"ive always wanted to go to a hawks game" "Ok let's go" *buys 5th row tickets and shirts 30 mins before game*

20 years and we still like each other, kinda

Even though you slept walked and woke up in your apt complex hallway I still love you

Thanks for showing me the Chicago way

"Welcome to Nashville where all we do is eat drink and listen to music"

Found this idiot on FB while tryna find a roommate fresh yr & the only thing I asked was if she snored and now here we r

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