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Thank u @cruz4tay for posting this. Miss those 回家 days... catch the re telecast on channel 8, 5.30pm! #回家 @ch8sg ♥️🏠 ♥️

There is a saying, cherish life like there’s no tomorrow. Do we really practise this way?
What if we humans have the ability to know when we will be leaving this world, leaving behind your friends and family, What will be the first thing on your mind to accomplish ?
Will monetary or materially possessions still be what you’re holding on to ? Or piety first? Will knowing when time’s up for you make you lead a different and much more meaningful life ?
I question this “good life” most people yearns.
Posh cars, Great restaurants, fancy holidays and dresses, massive income ?
Or leading a much simpler life, being humble and grateful to the limited things you have, not fighting so hard in life and losing yourself and principles all in exchange for the outside world to see?
Let’s give more, talk less, think for others as well as for ourselves, love your family and friends, make them feel cherished and happy. Taking away all vices and bad habits.

This new year ahead, I hope to be a much positive person. Not gonna change in a day but yes I will make this the only resolution. Working on my heart. .
#2018 ♥️

Life is made up of tests and lessons , May we have a better year ahead, overcoming all obstacles and challenges and finally gaining the highest wisdom to protect our mind and heart. ♥️
#begooddogood #bestrong #mindandsoul #blessed #happynewyear2018 @meixinfanclub

Merry Merry Christmas 🎄 @_babygemma first Christmas 👗: @osmosestores

Merry Christmas 🎄

In life, realized simplicity is bliss. No parties, no noises. As long as I’m companied by families and closest friends. When they are safe and sound, I have nothing much to ask for. Thankful for all who had been here with me.
#Meixinbirthday #2017 ❤️ @_moonchen @mr_alvint @ireneong1688

If you ever step foot into ShenYang, China. Be sure making a stop at 刘老根’s theatre show. It showcases its deep culture, professionalism and hardship of the entire crew (daily practices for Perfection) and excellent production All originates from Northeast of China、 东北。
Definitely a role model for many!

恭喜恭喜 Tracy & Ben ❤️ @tracyleemeileng
B 还是那么帅😍🤣 @romeotan
我可爱的好朋友,很快就能合作了!😘 @yahuiyh
大合照 ❤️
👗 @style_lease

G E N T L E M O N S T E R .
#gentlemonstersg @gentlemonster

Thank u Gentle Monster for the invitation.
Loving the Great interior of the flagship store. Also, the special details and witty designs in all your sunglasses/shades .
@gentlemonster @ion_orchard
Style by @yingxu_sg
Dress by @societya .
#gentlemonstersg #shades

Always love black backpacks

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