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Been really restless these days, getting really lazy. Striving to be more discipline, get back on track. Awaiting my smile, my strength and my Purified heart 💛

谢谢您一直相信我,给我机会尝试不同的角色. 不管您做什么选择,我真心祝福你开心快乐!感恩您,龙哥!

@ch8sg #blessing2

Society A’s event last night. A multi-label boutique that features many talented Asian designers with unique and original collections. .
Got a pic with @chungchunglie The Korean designer from LIE @liecollection_
Talented and cute. 😛

Recently, Singapore Zoo transformed itself into the very anticipated Rainforest Lumina. Being a Huge Avatar fan, i have to be there to witness the beautiful lights and animals. I managed to convince my friends to accompany me, in the end .... hmmm ...u have to watch this video to find out . I Guess my expression says it all. Link in Bio. Like and sub if u like my videos ❤️ #lumina #rainforest #singaporezoo

JJ brings everyone together ♥️ Thank u JJ! Great time with my sis! First time watching a concert with her! .

96 Degree Designers, trust worthy and highly professional. Im very happy to be their ambassador.

The enthusiasm, passion, ideas and attitude they provide for clients are the very reason I took up the offer of being an ambassador. Congrats 96 Degree Designers on getting the case trust accreditation! 恭喜恭喜!
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Need an interior makeover ? Do give 96 Degree Designers a try!
Outfit @societya @daennhk


this is the month when most Chinese starts to get a little more cautious about everything.
the things we should or shouldn't do.
have you encountered any unforgettable/unexplainable supernatural phenomenon? Myth of not ? U tell me. Click on the link on my Bio to watch now ..... good luck. Don’t forget to like and sub! 👽👻👽👻

Accidentally deleted this YouTube video! Now repost! 😂
decided to make a video after many sleepless nights . its common that we all get insomnia. this is what i do most of the time when i just couldn’t get to sleep. are you like me ? Let me know what else u do on these nights ... Watch it Now ! Link on Bio. ❤️ like and sub for more videos!

About our celebration last night: I love u guys so so much.. thank u for making it happen. Making it a memorable drama that many will nv forget. Truly thank u to everyone who participated in this drama, the silent warriors who fought and made everything better. Thank u. How truly amazing that we’ve met in this drama. I love the vibes the energy, understandings and the passion especially the love among the entire team. thank u all for making 卫国先锋 happen.

Congratulations Fleshimp 18th anniversary. Wishing u success. A Singaporean brand using great materials and designs! Worth it! Support local!
And of cos meeting a lot of people at the event. Our local songbird Joanna Dong and queen of influencer Xia xue .
Enjoy the pictures and make a trip to fleshimp to see their latest designs!
Style | @daennhk @thegoodfolks
@fleshimp #fleshimp18 @j_o_a_n_n_a_d_o_n_g

MyPlatformM Vlog#12 Perth, Final Ep. This vlog marks the end of my Perth trip adventure. Missing the country's beautiful scenery and people. Thank you Perth for this wonderful escapade and creating memories together with me.
to everyone who likes my videos, thank you very much for the loves. To watch the vlogs, the link is on bio! ❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺

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