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Nashwah khan  "هَـٰذَا مِن فَضْلِ رَبِّي‎‎ أعوذ بالله مِن شَرِّ حَاسِدٍ إِذَا حَسَدَ" - A Freelance Passionate Henna Artist living an Artistic mess in Mumbai.


Absolutely one of the memorable and Quality time i spent with Two incredibly talented ladies, Sasha and Ashfina. ❤

Thank you so very much sasha for All the helps and hospitality that Day and Thanks for South Indian Breakfast😋 (Dosa)! Guys genuinely saying she is really very talented and Best at what she does.
She snapped my feet henna beautifully I wish I could post it here (definitely m not going to) but will b sharing some images from the last shoot we did earlier! In sha Allah!
Photography : @sasha.okay.please
Muse: @thewickedsoul
Henna : By me❤


A New-jhumka Love with my signature finger details ❤

For work shop details please shoot me an email.

Also for any kind of inquiries get in touch via email Only. I'm unable to reply to DM'S! 📧: Nashwahhayat@gmail.com

Some simple and dainty 🌱

@samanthapapi ❣ -Allah says in Quran – “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” [Quran, 94:5] -Every difficulty is an opportunity for growth. Allah tests us in many ways, and if we are patient, we’ll be stronger. #inshaAllahuta'ala
Ya Allah, you are the one who knows our all problems. O Allah, Please accept our Dua's and help us to overcome with the problems, hardship and sufferings and give us Sabr.

Ya Allah, please help us to remind ourselves that every test you give to us, it is a assignment of love from you. Help us so that I we are not giving up trial. Ya Allah please help me in hardship and don’t leave us alone.

Aameeeen Ya Rab!
Alhumdulillahi Ala kullihaal❤


This is second time I did henna for her and I must say malika is a beautiful soul.
Always comfortable sitting n I really njoyed doing every bit of her henna.🌱 Thank you malika for being so kind and for hospitality , and special thanks to your mom for the Tasty south Indian Break fast and yeah I still remember the mouth watering taste of the cake u spoiled me with. ❤

Note: To join our work shop please send me an email : Nashwahhayat@gmail.com

It's a Therapy, yes! painting The hands , creating the best you can , something which satisfies Your Heart, Which makes ur soul Happy, is a THERAPY!
It's an Art , not just Henna , isn't it??? 🌱

The most Beautiful part of Henna Art is meeting and making new friends , the bond u make with the people whom u never met before is unbelievable!
These are the Hands of the Most prettiest and purest Soul (sam) I have met so far. it took us just a few minutes and thn we were talking like a good old friend meeting after a long time.
I love positive people and I must Say she is the most positive , honest , and her soul is crystal clear.
So many things mutual , and I absolutely njoyed Doing her Henna.
God Bless you and Your Beautiful family Dearest, your are Goals! ❤


3rd Day Stain and still getting strong 🌱❤ To Learn Henna mixology and to Enhance ur Art of Henna Join Our work shop.

Last date to block ur seat is 20th of Oct 2017.

For Further details email us :
@Nashwahhayat@gmail.com -I don't accept any kind of Bookings/apointmnts/meetings/purchases sent Via DM'S. THANK YOU!

I use Natural organic henna ( same which I use for my skin) on My nails. It requires a constant 6-7 days application to become this red.
guys I don't courier my cones out of mumbai. Natural henna is perishable product. "I don't need enemies, My Nafs is Enough"
O' Allah Fix my Heart!

Do i need to say? I'm in love with Negative spacing and fillings 🌱❤ You think , people will love you because you are Rich? Talented ? Well Educated? Cool? Naaaaaah! My dear you are Very wrong!!!!!! No matter How Rich,
You Believe you are,
HOW you Treat people, How kind and polite you are Ultimately Tells ALL! " If you keep breaking others people's Hearts , whatever religious duty you perform is of No use." -Hazrat Shams Tabrezi ( may Allah be please with him)
#Mehndibyhayat #Mumbai #HennaArtist

" Yazeed Tha Aur Hussain(R.A)Hain "

There is no life without Hussain(R.A), Hussain zindabaad Hain💚

#Aashurah #HussainRAwhosavedtheentireHumanity

#Tb to this detailed finger design I did and loved by so many of you.
I'll be doing one more again, in sha Allah
What do you want me to creat ' Finger design ' or some 'indo-Gulf' ??? And THANK YOU SO MUCH all for ur kind and Beautiful words , Really appreciate 'em each and evry single hearts and comments. Bless ur Golden Hearts ❤

Traditional elements with intricate fillings 🌱 "Verily, truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to paradise and a true man continues to speak truth until he becomes the most truthful person. Lies lead to evil and evil leads to hell and a liar continues to lie till he is listed as a highest ranking liar before God" (Bukhari). Lying and falsehood one of Greater Sins.
May Allah Guide us and save us from lying n falsehood. Aameeen 🙏


Gulfy Roses and Grids 🌱 " Correct yourself before correcting others"

Four men entered a mosque and each busied himself in salah, humbly prostrating before ALLAH.

Each one said the "ALLAAHU Akbar" after first having made his intention, and began to pray with humility.

Meanwhile the mu'adhdhin came in and gave the call to salah.

The first man blurted out to the mu'adhdhin, "are you calling to the prayer? Are you sure it is the right time?" the second spoke on the spur of the moment, "you have wasted your salah by speaking during prayers!" the third retorted, "why did you speak? Tell your own self how to behave!" the fourth mumbled, "praise be to ALLAH! I wasn't a party to their arguments." thus all the four broke their salat and wasted it. The fault-finders went more astray than the one who made the orginal mistake. " Correct yourself before correcting others"

A great thread, and how true most of us fall into the trap of correcting others yet do not act upon the advice that we give!
May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala give us hidayat that we refrain from finding faults in others whether it is done privately or publicly and give out advice that we ourselves act upon Aameeen 🙏!

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