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sunday vibes

okay so yes my car is buried under 30 feet of snow never to be seen again, but for all its faults, winter sure is pretty.

sometimes you and yer pals are drunk, all wearing head-to-toe black, and in a real bizarre room, so you force an innocent bystander take 30 photos of y’all pretending to be in a girl band 🤷🏼‍♀️

you come to me, on the day of tryneski’s wedding, and ask me not to spend 30 minutes taking glamour shotz in the bridal suite?

even though this was my view last night, and my view today is ❄️⛈💨, it feels real good to be home

thank you once again to wonderful human @joe_fryday for another 👌🏻 piece!
#albertogiacometti #giacometti

(📜 warning: very long post ahead 📜) with christmas behind us, it feels like i’m in the clear to make this post (knock on wood), but basically i just wanted to say thank you, and how grateful i am for all of you.
the holidays are often incredibly, incredibly hard for me. being in a weird limbo where i’m old enough to have dead parents but too young to have settled down and created my own version of family yet (and being one of the only people i know in this unique position) can make this time of year feel very isolating.

however, this year felt very different. my friends and family (aka you guys) regularly checked in on me, brought me into your homes for formal dinners and casual hangs, invited me to your hanukkah parties and christmas brunches. you sent me filthy christmas chain mail-style texts, and gave me copies of your favorite records to listen to so that even when i was alone, i wasn’t.

as a result, the weight of those depressive thoughts and dark ideations i’ve come to associate with the holidays was completely absent this year, instead replaced by a lightness - one crafted by all of your aforementioned warm gestures, and for this i simply could not be more thankful.🖤

happy christmas to you and yours 💚❤️💚

the great part about vacations is going to things like museums mid-week when they are totally empty 👻

#nobannowall, women’s march, amsterdam, palm springs, vanity, ennui, haircut, puppy, kendrick #2017bestnine

i love this pic of Liv, because at first i was weeping over how grown she looks, but then i noticed shes just casually wearing a superhero cape and feel very reassured that she is indeed still just a little kid 💖

still cleaning out my camera roll and have so many gems of these gems 💜

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