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Meguiar's  Supporting car culture since 1901. We help car enthusiasts look their very best. Use it | Love it | Share it @meguiarsusa #reflectyourpassion

We had a great time at the Louisville NSRA event! So many unique rides! Swipe left to see! #meguiars #louisvillensra #reflectyourpassion

Could all these pads really be made for detailing? Why yes they are! Due to the variety of buffing machines in the market to choose from it is essential to choose the right pad to make caring for your car easy peasy. Luckily for you we have you covered from dual action polishers to rotary buffers! Our foam pads are great for the removal of minor paint imperfections like typical swirls and light scratches. These pads are available for both D/A and rotary machines. But for more cut and speed we offer microfiber discs specifically for dual action polishers and wool pads for rotary users. The choice is yours! #Meguiars #dafoamdiscs #woolpads #rotarybuffer #dualactionpolisher #reflectyourpassion #madebymeguiars

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between foam and microfiber pads? These are the types of pads that you can use on D/A polishers to elevate your detailing game to the next level? Our very own Mike Stoops is here to provide some great tips to help you detail like a pro!  #Meguiars #MadeByMeguiars #foamdiscs #microfiberdiscs #reflectyourpassion

Who is ready for the weekend?? #tgif #Meguiars #reflectyourpassion

Our D/A foam finishing discs are our softest applicators yet! These discs were specifically designed for the quick application of waxes and sealants without the risk of damaging your paint and to ensure that your pride and joy is protected from mother nature's elements!
#Meguiars #meguiarslife #dafoamfinishingdisc #MadeByMeguiars #reflectyourpassion

Using our MT300 Dual Action Polisher and our foam finishing discs is an easy, quick and safe way to apply wax protection to your paint. Watch the video above for some tips on how to apply wax properly. What you learn may surprise you! And don't forget that we're here to help with any of your car care questions. Feel free to DM us or to hit the call button on our profile to be connected to a surface care specialist!
#Meguiars #mt300 #foamfinishingdisc #UltimateWax #MadeByMeguiars #reflectyourpassion

@jolly.ole.jack used Ultimate Polish to enhance the shine, gloss and reflection of his ride. We absolutely love it!!! Great work Jack! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
#reflectionfordays #Meguiars #meguiarslife #Ultimatepolish #reflectyourpassion

Our yellow foam polishing discs are designed to apply polish to enhance shine and gloss ✨. They can also be used to treat “micro marring” or “hazing” which is usually created when using stronger more aggressive compounds on certain paints. Use our yellow foam polishing disc on a Dual Action Polisher along with our Ultimate Polish to not only polish out “hazing” but to also add additional depth that helps your paint really glow!
#Meguiars #polishingdisc #MadeByMeguiars #reflectyourpassion

Our Ultimate trio will enable you to produce an amazing paint finish! It includes our red cutting disc and Ultimate Compound for paint correction, our yellow polishing disc and Ultimate Polish for deep lustrous shine, and our black finishing disc and Ultimate Wax for long lasting protection. Watch Lance as he provides a few more tips on the polishing step which is designed to provide ultra deep gloss to darker colored paint! Get gloss so deep you feel like you could dive right in!
#Meguiars #dfp5 #polishingdisc #UltimatePolish #MadeByMeguiars #reflectyourpassion

M-Power Mondays with a couple sweet M3s 👌 #Meguiars #MeguiarsSponsored #reflectyourpassion #mpowered #bmw #e46 #e36 #M3 📷: @teamhybrid_sd

Moderate defects in your paint are a thing of the past when treated with our red foam cutting disc and one of our compounds! Pair it with a dual action polisher such as our MT300 and make your detailing life easier 👍. #Meguiars #cuttingpad #dfc5 #MadeByMeguiars #Meguiarslife #reflectyourpassion

No matter what your skill level, the MT300 is a great tool that makes the removal of paint defects such as swirls, scratches, oxidation and stains much easier. Watch Lance provide a few tips on proper techniques to help make paint correction a breeze! Have more questions? Feel free to DM us or hit the call button on our profile to be connected to one of our car care technicians.
#Meguiars #MT300 #redfoamcuttingpad #MadeByMeguiars

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