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HERES THE FUN PART! Deadlifts were not grooving on the platform. I was feeling slower off the floor than usual, the bar kicked out on my earlier attempts, and just wasn't as on point as I usually am. Still, all you're doing is literally picking things up off the floor, so I was chugging along, and confident in the fact that if we loaded 500lbs, I would have picked it up. At first, after my 2nd attempt, Ryan declared a small PR at 180kg/396lbs, as you have a 1min clock to declare an attempt, but are allowed 2 changes to your third DL. I said, "NO WE ARE GOING 400+" I think he needed me to articulate how bad I wanted it. Only took me about 5 seconds to break the floor, and the bar almost slipped out of my left hand, BUT GOOD LIFT AND WE MADE IT FAM!
I've never really brought intensity to the platform like I did on this day. The past few months I've struggled to deal with opinions on myself, and people questioning my strength and integrity. This was an opportunity to focus on MYSELF and drown out the noise I've been so focused on lately.
At the end of the day, there are people who perform, and people who watch, and I know which one I am.
Couldn't do it without my hype-men/coaches/handlers @ryan_espiritu @hani_tsa and A1 camera man @ericszeto THANK YOU 🙏🙏🙏

Lol jk guys- this is my 2nd attempt at 132.5/292lbs. My old meet PR. I suck at IG. Thanks to @hani_tsa for some awesome programming and @ryan_espiritu for pushing me every day in training. LOVE YOU BOTH 💞🤘💞🤘

OMG! What a week! Thank you to everyone for your support. Most of all thank you to @ryan_espiritu for being the man with the plan and supporting me on the platform, and all of our awesome lifters. Congrats to Team @strongstrongfriends for placing in the Men/Women's combined class - I'm so proud! Ok but srs, how are we supposed to get this home? Not prepared.

I'll post my lifts when this weekend is over, but just hit a handstand PR and times out of IG stories for time. This video is 0:19. Dedicated to my friend @nquadzilla who does my handstand programming. It's called "kick up once a day" pretty serious stuff

ITS GO TIME FOR THIS POWERHOUSE!! @strangepowerlifting takes the platform this morning at Nationals. Check her out on the @USAPowerlifting livestream. PSYCHED TO HIT SOME BIG NUMBERS THIS MORNIN!!!!

[[MEET RECAP INCOMING]] Squat: 137.5kg / 303lbs (all time PR @ 63)
Bench: 77.5 kg / 171lbs (all time PR)
Deadlift: 182.5 kg / 402lbs (all time PR)
Total: 397.5kg / 876lbs
Wilks: 432.16
We went 9/9 and I've never been so psyched to lift on the platform as I was yesterday. For third DL we initially entered a smaller jump to build the total, but I knew I wanted to finally get 400+ at a meet. With my 2nd DL attempt, we hit a total PR, wilks PR, so for 3rd we got a chance to YOLO. WEEEEE.
Leading up to this meet, I was kidding myself about how important competing was. I spent month after month doing some of the most difficult training of my life, was disciplined with diet to supplement sessions and recovery and sacrificed approximately 246 beers this year. Now would a person who spent that much time and effort preparing for a meet, who flies across the country, pays thousands of dollars to be there REALLY approach a national meet so nonchalantly? I'm 100% comfortable admitting that I was using my whole "I'm not that excited for nationals" as a defense mechanism for the chance that I didn't have a great day.
After I watched @marialiftstacoma compete on Wednesday, I started to ask myself "What is the most important thing to you right now?" and the answer, (this weekend) is strength. Why come all this way, to approach it as if it were not a big deal?
So WE DID IT! We had a good day. My first nationals in 2015, I went 5/9 and totaled 365kgs (804lbs), so for all the lifters who had less than stellar performances this week, know that competing is a skill that will come if you keep fighting the good fight.
I'm going to keep working on getting stronger, but will take my time deciding what's next. Might try my hand at a lil deadlift bar action, or, like I say every year, become a srs weightlifter.
Thank you to everyone who made yesterday, and the past year of training successful. I'm going to post more about the meet thankyous later. But TY to my coach @hani_tsa for putting together my last 8 months of training and TY to @ryan_espiritu for handling me and seeing me through. DREAM TEAM!!
@9for9media @riahgoeshamm awesome photos 🙏🙏🙏

ITS GO TIME FOR SSF COMPETITOR @marialiftstacoma for her first Nationals. Everyone go wish her luck, and I'm putting the livestream link in my bio. Maria is on platform 3, flight A, 2PM EST start time ---> @megsquats

2 Days Out ❤️❤️

When you gotta get your roots done at 6, but bench at 4.

😱 MEG IS READY TO BENCH 😱 73kg looking nice and smooth. I've been getting plenty of new people here. HI! Nice to meet you & welcome my strong strong friend. New people tend to bring the "why do you arch?" Inquiries, so I'd love to direct you to my friend @steficohen's post on arching in the bench. Copying some her text below, but go check out the original post on her page ---> @steficohen
There seems to be a big misunderstanding about the use of the arch when executing the bench press. I’ve seen an overwhelming amount of guys giving unwanted and highly misinformed advice to female lifters in particular about arching their back in the bench press, claiming that this technique will “snap their backs” or “break their necks”, or even saying that this technique is “like cheating”. In this post I’ll talk about basic biomechanics, anatomy of the shoulder and the purpose of arching in the bench press, based on FACTS and EVIDENCE.
Biomechanics- Can you move more weight doing a decline bench press? If so, this is because of the muscle fiber alignment of the pecs (angle of pennation), arching your UPPER back in a bench press, promotes better recruitment of the lower fibers of the pectoralis major, similar to the decline bench, which means that a larger portion of your chest muscle fibers will be activated to produce force.
Anatomy- Every heard of the term closed pack position? This refers to the position of most joint congruency and ligamentous stability. By arching your UPPER back and retracting your scapulae back together, you’re now placing your glenohumeral joint in a fully abducted and externally rotated position. This position of the humerus is a safer and much more stable to push from than if your upper back was flat against the bench.
Check out her full post here ---> @steficohen
tY for filming this @Gaby_lifts

😱The deadlift isn’t *just* a back exercise!😱 👉 Despite my name, deadlifts are my favorite lift. Deadlifts are the single best bang-for-your-buck builder of both strength and muscle… yet I regularly see people making common, preventable mistakes. 👈
✅Yes, the deadlift is a hip hinge.✅
🚫No, it isn’t *only* a hip hinge.🚫
🤷🏼‍♀️What’s the problem? Many beginners rely too much on their backs, under-utilize their legs, and turn their regular deadlift into a near-stiff legged deadlift variation.🤦🏼‍♀️
📞💪Dial in your setup to this full-body movement with these tips:💪📞
1️⃣ Set up in your start position with your back straight, lats engaged, gaze neutral, and your shoulder blades over the barbell.
2️⃣ You should have a slight bend in your knees, but not as deep as the bottom of your squat.
3️⃣ Begin your pull by driving your feet through the floor, extending your knees, and pushing your hips forward to lock out the repetition. Lower the weight with control in the same bar path, and repeat!
👉🏻Want a customized strength program? Check out the link in my bio ---> @megsquats👈🏻
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🚨NEW VIDEO ALERT 🚨 Just uploaded episode 2 of my Zero to Platform series. This one took me a while to edit, so pls just throw me a pity like (link in bio ---> @megsquats ) LOVE YOU FRIENDS! Excited for Nationals and beginning my water load... BRB GOTTA PEE!

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