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Swipe Left✧ .: *✯ .:*  how did instagram get to be so important? I hope you're all kind in real life

on 🔝

and like sarah literally didn't hear a word I said I could totally tell she was texting on the other end of the line so I was like uh ya it's called nature maybe u should try it sometime and then I hung up lol I know like savage AF right!

pretty petty girls you sure ain't gonna change the world

*writes relaxing morning poem whilst CBC plays softly in the background* ‼️ALSO in my angry haste I ~purposely~ left in a fun typo. Whoever finds the easter egg first and comments below will be gifted my favorite skinny tea that keeps me fit and lean during the winter months! Contest giveaway starts now!

some words I prefer to keep to myself. However, after seeing the courage so many women displayed tonight, I decided this wasn't one of them. #metoo ❤️✨


I read an article once about how tumblr kids are now basically the artists shaping culture today like damn I sure hope all those hours in high school spent scrolling through tumblr and putting my education on the back-burner was good for something


Finally an old white man knows whatsup

This is the second time I've used this joke ha ha ouch burn ok I'm going to bed now

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