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megroso  ..a wife, mama, travel bug, adventure seeker, barre3 instructor, social media maven.. Columbus is our home, but we dance along i77 all year long.

..it's very high criteria to make the "gratitude wreath" cut for Monroe, and it looks like someone really rose to the occasion 😦🀣😘#orwebslung #nopeterisnotaclassmate

..it was Autumn of 2013 and my world collided with this gem who had a newfound love affair for #barre3, just like me.. BLINK we pulled in + out of the Powell studio daily like ships passing on a schedule, we had sweet babies, we found our teaching voices, we became friends effortlessly, we saved each other's day too many times to count, we made memories without even trying.. now it's 2017 and I took her final killer class (only for now) and I'm just so grateful to have you in my life, Em.. I wouldn't to mix my car up with anyone else πŸ’›

..can you scale it 1-10 how you feel about your new bed, Stella? Stella? #alwaysahardsell

Hunter.. November 17th.. our reality was so much different than what we pictured yesterday being.. but that's the funny thing about life, isn't it? We aren't supposed to know the why.. someday we will and then it won't even matter. We talk about you daily, but yesterday.. yesterday was your day and you touched so many hearts. We spent our morning making muffins for Monroe's teacher and she smiled so big learning why we wanted to bake them for her - next we eagerly prepped for a celebration, we know you would have loved it, at the studio in the afternoon.. Monroe helped with each detail, he kept asking when you were coming, while I kept remembering hearing your squeals chasing him around the studio after each Friday class, listening to the pitter patter of his running hugs to you and your glowing hi's and bye's to one another - then we knew there was someone else left.. so much after dark we went to Jeni's, where I imagined we would have begged to take you for your big day anyways and we bought ice cream for Shanda, a complete stranger when we walked in, but a heaven sent friend by the time we said goodbye.. You see, although we couldn't see you, hug you or see your gorgeous smile yesterday.. we felt your presence in everything we did. You are doing such big things from a place we can only dream about. Sending you our random hello's daily and love, always ❀️ #treasureHunter18

..Homeward Bound Reunion Scene.. Take 1 🎬☝🏼❀️ #cuethemusic #isShadowcoming

..Hercules, Hercules πŸ’ͺ🏼

..the things that money cannot remotely buy, I find myself loving them the most πŸ‚

..me time on a Monday ✌🏼 #cozywithjosie

..pro tip: find one man who cooks for you, then create another tiny man with first talked about man and together they will cook for you ❀️

..decent new watering hole πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜

..oh hi, @vaso_dublin, nice to meet you πŸ”₯

..oh the weather outside is frightful (cold as hell, way too early), but the whacko toddler still wants to play on the mother flipping playground.. goes like that right πŸ˜¦πŸ™„πŸ€£ #christmasremix

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