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Ringing Cedars Books By Megre  Official Instagram for English-speaking readers running by @ninelmmm . Worldwide delivery 📦 Products, books, people🌲 #ringingcedarsofrussia

Day before readers' meet The community of comic lovers dressed up in bright costumes, the Frankfurt Fair came alive, the readers of Vladimir Megre already come from different parts of the world -

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Новый репортаж | 😍 | New report
Неформальные вечера на Франкфуртской книжной ярмарке:
Что происходит после закрытия выставки, как издатели привлекают к себе внимание, и Франкфурт из окна автомобиля || Informal meetings at the Frankfurt Book Fair:
What happens after the exhibition closes, how publishers attract attention and Frankfurt from the car window on

opening of Frankfurt book fair and short videos are waiting for you on the website ♥️

Full report of day to is on the website - when was the last time Vladimir Megre met Anastasia, where is their son? The Backstage of the Frankfurt Book Fair☀️

@vladimirmegre ・・・
Going to Frankfurt Book Fair. We’ll do some short reports in stories @vladimirmegre and full reports at the end of the day on🌸

Follow @vladimirmegre to stay tuned👍🏼

Happy Dachnik Day and All-Earth Holiday!
Let it be vitality and fertility all over the World!
Let it be more trees and green on earth!
Let it be more good and healthy food on earth!
Let it be more positive and loving energy around!
Let it be more happy and healthy people in the World!
Let's love and take care of the World together! “…Oh! A holiday!” Anastasia clapped her hands. “What a wonderful idea. A holiday! We absolutely must have a cheerful and joyous holiday.” “Just shine your Ray on our government and on the deputies in the State Duma. Let them pass a law.” “I won’t be able to get through to them. They’re in their daily grind. They have many decisions to make and no time at all to think. Also, it doesn’t make much sense to raise their consciousness. “It would be hard for them to become aware of the full reality. They wouldn’t be allowed to make decisions that are more correct than the ones being made now.” “Who wouldn’t allow the government and president?” “You. The masses. Most of the electorate. You call correct decisions ‘unpopular measures.’” “Yes, you’re right. We do have a democracy. The most important decisions are made by the majority. The majority is always right.” “The greatest consciousness has always been reached first by individuals, Vladimir, and the majority only after a while.” “If that’s true, then why have democracy and referendums?” “They’re needed as shock absorbers, to prevent any sudden jolts. When the shock absorbers fail, there is revolution. Revolution is always hard on the majority.” “But Dachnik Day isn’t a revolution. What’s bad about it?” “That kind of holiday is a good thing. It’s definitely needed. It must be created as quickly as possible. I’ll try to think how to make it happen faster.” “I’ll help you. I have a better idea of which levers in our life will be effective. I’ll write in the newspaper . Better, I’ll write about dachniks in your book and ask people to send telegrams to the government and State Duma: ‘We request that you declare a Dachnik Day and a Whole Earth Day.’ Only what date?” “July 23rd.” “Why the 23rd?” ...... Follow the link in the profile to find the whole book, "Ringing Cedars of Russia”

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#piecesofadvice #elenagaragulya
At 12 noon begins active digestion. At this time people want to eat for the first time. It is optimal not to eat proteins, not meat, but carbohydrates. They are rich in energy, and after them there is no drowsiness – and during the day we must be active. It is preferable to eat porridge (can be a double portion) – from porridge you get a lot of energy. I don't recommend too varied lunch, there is no need to mix food– it's hard to digest.
Carbohydrates go well with fats. It is perfect to eat the butter with porridge – it needs to be natural, from a farm.
Carbohydrates such as porridge, pastries, bread, pizza, pasta, potatoes, beans can not be eaten after 6 PM, as they are rich in the energy that‘s we shouldn’t eat them in the evening. #megrellc

Boiled chickpeas
Chickpeas-350 gr,
Sea salt-2-3 tsp,
Black pepper-to taste,
Oregano-1 tsp,
Basil-1 tsp,
khmeli-suneli-0.5 tsp..
Cedar Nut Oil-2 tsp.. Instructions: 
1) Rinse chickpeas.
2) Soak overnight in water.
3) Rinse chickpeas again and put in new water in the morning.
4) Cook chickpeas for 45-60 minutes.
5) Add salt, oil and spices at the end of cooking #megrellc

#familynotes Elizabeth.

All my friends and relatives know how serious I am about the condition of my teeth. I had been wearing brackets during 2 years! And the time and the strengths that I had spent for the treatment are invaluable. And, of course, it cost me not only a lot of a lot of money, but also a lot of pain. Now you can understand why I am so serious about my teeth. I can’t use any toothpaste. Today I choose only Cedar toothpaste.
I choose only.... To read more - follow the link in the profile❤️

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