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At 12 noon begins active digestion. At this time people want to eat for the first time. It is optimal not to eat proteins, not meat, but carbohydrates. They are rich in energy, and after them there is no drowsiness – and during the day we must be active. It is preferable to eat porridge (can be a double portion) – from porridge you get a lot of energy. I don't recommend too varied lunch, there is no need to mix food– it's hard to digest.
Carbohydrates go well with fats. It is perfect to eat the butter with porridge – it needs to be natural, from a farm.
Carbohydrates such as porridge, pastries, bread, pizza, pasta, potatoes, beans can not be eaten after 6 PM, as they are rich in the energy that‘s we shouldn’t eat them in the evening. #megrellc

Boiled chickpeas
Chickpeas-350 gr,
Sea salt-2-3 tsp,
Black pepper-to taste,
Oregano-1 tsp,
Basil-1 tsp,
khmeli-suneli-0.5 tsp..
Cedar Nut Oil-2 tsp.. Instructions: 
1) Rinse chickpeas.
2) Soak overnight in water.
3) Rinse chickpeas again and put in new water in the morning.
4) Cook chickpeas for 45-60 minutes.
5) Add salt, oil and spices at the end of cooking #megrellc

#familynotes Elizabeth.

All my friends and relatives know how serious I am about the condition of my teeth. I had been wearing brackets during 2 years! And the time and the strengths that I had spent for the treatment are invaluable. And, of course, it cost me not only a lot of a lot of money, but also a lot of pain. Now you can understand why I am so serious about my teeth. I can’t use any toothpaste. Today I choose only Cedar toothpaste.
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It is so important to moisture nourish our skin with a cream.
Do you know that care for the skin must be not only of a good quality, but also on time! There are not only recommended hours for the meal, for the care of the skin too! The magical time for care of the skin must be known for every woman!
Morning (at 6-9 hours) - is the ideal time for the bathing, taking a shower. It helps not only to wake up, but also it helps the skin of a face and body. Hot water dries skin, cool - doesn’t. Moreover, it constricts blood vessels- that increases skin elasticity, removes toxins, improves blood supply of the whole body.
It is recommended to do face exercises at this time and face masks for the oily and dry skin. Cedar Cream can be applied at this time instead of a mask because of it nutritious and moisturizing composition.
Is it interesting for you to
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Hello! How do you spend the weekends? Let’s share interesting ideas with each other ! 💡😏

Cedar house in Siberia!
If you want to smell the cedar and the freshness of air, to listen to singing birds, lying in on the bed, the linen of which is filled with the herbs. 🌾It is so easy to be yourself be together with nature.
You have an interesting program to spend the time✨🙏🏻 You do here with your own hands Cedar Nut Oil, go to the Russian bathhouse, go to the taiga, have an excursion in Tomsk and in Family Homesteads 😍

We're waiting for you take part in the wonderful tour to the Russian taiga, Cedar House! .
Make your wish come true!
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Choose the right care for your skin with the Сedar Cream Balm Daytime Facial, 30 ml.

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Each of you special ❤️remember that! @vladimirmegre #megrellc #ringingcedarsofrussia

#recipeofanutritionist #elenagaragulya Candies made of hazelnuts and dried fruit.⠀ Ingridients:⠀
⠀Dried apricots-70 g,⠀
⠀Prunes-70 g,⠀
⠀Light raisins-50 g,⠀
⠀17 Hazelnuts,⠀
⠀Cinnamon-0.5 tsp,⠀
⠀Ground cloves-on the tip of the knife.⠀

1) Wash dried fruit thoroughly. If it is necessary, soak them in warm water for an hour.
2) Put dried fruits in a blender or meat grinder, add spices and grind until they become smooth.
3) Postpone ten pieces of hazelnut for ten candies, and seven pieces of hazelnuts grind in a blender.
4) Take a nut, roll it in the fruit mass and sprinkle with ground hazelnuts. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Would you like to cook it?

#picesofadvice #nutritionist #elenagaragulya A healthy person does not want to eat in the morning, he wants to drink.⠀

In the morning we are full of energy like a charged cell phone. Since the time I have become a nutritionist and a therapist, I always think about the recovery of the body. The most appropriate time for the recovery of the body is the morning clocks. ⠀

What should we eat in the morning? Water, tea with honey-2-3 glasses. It is necessary to moisten the organism. This is called hydration — to improve the functioning of the kidneys, intestines. Also drinking morning tea you need to eat dried fruits, nuts. These adds are to the calorie content of our breakfast. Also in the morning I recommend to drink a berry cocktail, smoothie. Would you like to know a recipe of a smoothie? ⠀
Was this information useful for you? ⠀#megrellc

#familynotes from Liza! Tea. What first associations have you got, when you hear this word? First of all, I have the family in my mind. Tea is like the unity of people, who are close to each other and can share their secrets. Tea is the time to relax and enjoy the time. But also, tea is the breath of the nature and its precious properties. That’s why it is so important to choose such products that can give you healing properties. This is one of the reasons read more- follow the link in profile! ❤️

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