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So for the last 12 years I have devoted my life to gymnastics and the journey has been anything but smooth however I wouldn’t change it at all. This career has taken me to many different amazing places around the world like America, South Africa, Iceland, Switzerland, France, Italy and many other places and if it wasn’t for gymnastics then I wouldn’t have even imagined going to some of them! But I have made the most difficult decision of my life recently and have decided to retire from gymnastics. I will always love this sport and it will always be apart of my life no matter what but it’s time for me to move onto the next part of my life wherever that takes me. And for now that’s trying to inspire the next generation at The City of Birmingham Gym Club where I’m beginning coaching. I would just like to say the biggest thank you to the best coach that I ever had @jodykime_ you taught me lessons that normal life can’t teach, your motivation, inspiration and patience got me to some amazing places including a silver medal at the junior Europeans and nothing will ever be enough to thank you for that! And @krystiecob thank you for everything aswell I’ve known you since I was 5 years old when I started at rebound with you and crazily ended up back with you at Birmingham. You have been a massive part of my journey and I can’t thank you enough for that either. Then to all my teammates throughout the years, thank you for all your help, support and encouragement that you gave me. And to my best friend @emcorfieldx Whose been through it all with me. Thank you for standing by my side through everything. I definitely wouldn’t be able to live without you!! And finally to my family, who have been there from the very beginning. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am now without any of you. You gave up your time and money to take me here there and everywhere and I can’t ever repay you for that but I love you and always will do. And thank you to everyone else who supported me along the way!
So for now I’m bringing this chapter to a close but I hope i inspired many young gymnasts to believe in themselves and let them know that anything is possible when they put they’re mind to it. ❤️❤

Birthday celebrations🥂

Mood because I’m 17 todayyy😆🎈

Morning no. 1 🏕

My bestie xxxx


Fun fun fun 😁

Cannot believe We’ve finished, honestly the best/maddest 5 years ever but wouldn’t change any of it ❤️

Possibly the coolest picture I’ve ever had taken 😍 #rejuven8physio 💙💖

Feeling #rejuvenated 💖💙

As if it was 2 years ago already since this incredible moment😱

Big happy 7th birthday to my not so little princess😘 can’t believe how fast you’ve grown up.... never stop being crazy Ava x x x ❤️❤️

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