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I’ve hardly shared any images from my Blossom mini sessions a couple weeks ago! So here’s one. I love getting these sweet snuggle pictures!

Warm summer sunsets, I’m ready for you!

Does anyone else just not put their kids to bed, hoping your husband or kids put themselves to bed? Sometimes I do because I dread bedtime. But then it’s 10pm and the whole family is still awake because everyone equally hates bedtime. Oh man. Gotta go put my kids to bed now I guess.

Mental illness may feel/look very different than what you may expect. ▫️
I had a conversation online with someone today about mental illness. She described her symptoms which were almost identical to my symptoms at 19 when I first had a doctor tell me it was anxiety. At the time I had no preconceived notions of what anxiety was and when he told me suddenly it made sense. This woman I talked to however does not see how these physical symptoms could be caused by anxiety due to her idea of what anxiety is. News flash! Anxiety can manifest with real physical symptoms! For others it may not be so extreme and just feel like light panic/fear with no physical symptoms. ▫️
When I dealt with depression I didn’t think it was real depression or bad enough to get help because I wasn’t a danger to myself or others. My idea of depression was so limited I couldn’t recognize my depression for what it was. But I realize now I was so wrong. My depression was a real hell. You don’t have to line up with extreme online definitions in order to be experiencing depression and seek out help. ▫️
My point in this post is just that mental illness may feel very different than you expect. Having a super strict definition of mental illness may prevent you from recognizing it in yourself or others or even prevent you from acknowledging a doctors diagnosis. So put away the preconceived notions! K and I’ll get off my soap box.

I will never tire of photographing free spirited children. Being a parent to one (or 3) can be exhausting, but photographing them is the best!

Happiness is contagious! ✨A few weeks ago my youngest and I went to a different grocery store than normal and it had a cart with a little car on the front so she hopped in and when I started pushing she very loudly exclaimed “woohoo!!!!! This is so fun!!” These exclamations of joy lasted for a couple solid minutes. I didn’t ask her to be more quiet, I let her enjoy her joyous moment fully and watched as random people in the store smiled at the little girl having the time of her life.

Having 3 kids in less than 3 years was rough at the start but it’s getting so good now that the are older! These girls have such a close relationship. They fight, they play, they join forces to find any sugary treats that might be in the house, they cuddle with each other all the time. It’s seriously too cute.

“God didn’t design us to be sad. He created us to have Joy!” Dieter F. Uchtdorf 💛

And some days, weeks, months like today I am hoping, believing, knowing from experience that sadness, pain, and trials we face can help us lead to overall more fulfilling and meaningful joy.

Making some good progress on my editing to-do list today! Editing these pretty blossom sessions!

I looked through pictures from last year and now my heart is aching for my squishy little 4 yr old boy, when he still had some toddler look to him 😭 how was he so cute?!?

The ups and downs of parenthood:

Up: Today as we were all getting ready for church I overheard my 4yr old daughter ask my 5yr old son for help putting her shoes on because she couldn’t do it by herself. And he went ahead and tried to help her.
Down: My kids were awful as usual at church and I had to stop myself from exclaiming to the newlyweds I walked past to never have kids because it’s the worst.
Up: I was being my silly self, talking to myself though, saying stuff any adult would find immature and stupid, and out of the corner of my eye noticed eyes on me so I turn my face and see them all smiling and slightly laughing at me. They like my silly personality. I don’t know how long that’ll last but I’ll take it.
I have ups and downs of parenthood every day and it may confusing to outsiders because I tend to have no filter and feel things kind of intensely, so one time I may rave on and on about how perfect kids are and other times I may say it’s the worst thing ever. Both are true.

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I checked out the blossoms last night with my kids. Some trees still have some blooming to do but should be perfect by the time my minis happen next week! I have so much anxiety when I’m out and about with all 3 kids in a new place so these are the best I got!

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