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Megan Nicole Boyd ☁️  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Passin’ on Patterns...🌀 🌈 When & Where? S👀 for yourself ↓😶📖

Feelin higher than the rocket we watched launch into space. 🚀
@dirtybirdcamp was a down right good time❕🤠 🕺🏼✨
🌈 Beyond thankful to all you amazing animals I met out on the dance floor & the creative peeps who helped make Craftopia 🆒🆒🆒. Love U! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ #MyMomsALeader #MakeItShake #ThisSignIsLit #CanYouSnapThat #TrackID #KnottyHooker #TotemTeacher #LostThePlot #Dirtybird #DirtybirdCampout #Renegades #WhatsASignWithOutGlitter 📍
📸: @visualsbyedwin

🔻♦️Fanning the Flames♦️🔺
Is the official title for this #CrochetDress pattern 💭
🍁FALLing for it?🍂
I’m l👀king for testers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The #FanStitch is knot for the faint of heart (maker or wearer)✂️
♨️ But once ya pick it up, you’ll burn right thru it...❗️
After all, #LovelyLibra season has begun ♥️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i #PharseItLoquacious 👅
🛑 Wanna give it a try❔Tell me WHY, crochet is how you like to spend YOUR days ❓❓❓
🎤 What more can I say? Well... you’ll just have to wait & MC 🎹
//check out my stories! 🌈🎶🐣
📍I’ll be groovin’ to some tunes & sharing this craft we do @dirtybirdcamp ⛺️
⬜️◻️SO you have till Monday to let me know! ◻️⬜️
I’ll announce #TESTERS names once I’m back from the show! 💋
XoXo ✌🏻👊🏻 🤙🏻

We l👀k good in cat suits, ✔️yes I LOVE YOU DEBBiE❕™️🐱🖤
🧡 This ^ was my #Birthday 🎁 But THiS weekend was all about #SladesEscapades 💧👯‍♀️💋🕶🎀💎
📸: @monicaslade ⚠️

〰️ What keeps me making? 〰️ [a lot] but the Thing that keeps it interesting...
🔋Trying new #StitchStyles & mixing up my #Motifs 🌱🛤🍂
Looved #looping this fun #FanStitch for summer! 🦀🦁♥️
& tricky Teal textures made transitioning to Autumn a twirl! 🔸🔶🔸🔶🔸
As the seasons change, ♻️ I select a few #Colorways to enhance & stimulate my life. 🐌🐞🐍🧜🏻‍♀️🦕
★🎹★ Choosing a yarn sets the tone for each project.➰🖤☁️ 〰️ Sorta symbolizing the #mood I want to #manifest once it’s all made up! 💅🏻🧖🏼‍♀️👗👩🏻‍🎤💄
🔱 but Persevering to produce a presentable piece each period is where Passion really comes into play!

★ L👀k alive, I’m 25 ★
⬛️◾️▪️& im sick of people asking if I’m hungry 🍩🍩🍩 so, Donuts if I blowing up your feed. ▪️◾️⬛️

Oh hey, May have dropped the Ball on my pattern publishing this summer season. ⚽️💦
❎ But I’m not really into sports... #GameNight however, is more my style ♠️🃏🔮✅
▫️What stuff DO YOU like to s👀 from me! 💭 #CrochetPatterns the thing? 🌱➰
▪️Playing around is what I naturally do...🤸🏼‍♀️🌀🕺🏼 Butt I’d prefer my #Extra Efforts to be of use for you! 🕊🍐 ♻️🏄🏼‍♂️🌵🐛 so SHOOT ⇩
★ Should instructions for this skirt be on my list of things to do?? ♎️


O shucks, this l👀ks like #Fall to me... 🌻 Being born on the first day of the season, 🧡 I’ve come to love the change. 🍂
Ain’t nothing wrong with embracing what makes us happy.👌🏻🐸✨
& I’ve got No Shame bout being Basic. ⭐️
🌈 Simple as can be, it’s the little things that make us who we are.🔤
🔶 Pride grows as we move through each moment with grace. 🎀💩👗
I’m always dancing, & putting a smile on my face. 🙃😶🙃
🖖🏻 I believe it’s what we Do that makes me me & you you! ➰
LOVE is how we spend our time! 📣📣📣 💭How can you show MORE comPASSiON through what you do?
🔸 For me the trick is, find something you actually *Like to #Fail at too.. 🃏because that’s when your GRaCe really shines true! ♥️💫🍇 #PumpkinSeedsAnyone?

I was in the water when the whales came. 🌊🐋💦 #DoYouBelieveInMagic #likeActually💧💎

Well, what Can you do... ☁️
🌈 Tell me about you! 📖
mmmy blog post, I titled it before @SplashHouse might I add...
☄️ SPACE: oooh something shiny! ✨
What l👀ks shiny to you?💡
🎵 Share with me your passion! One of mine is fashion...
🎁 New pattern❣️ Coming 🔜
#TheySayTheyLoveMahAss In #TheyTreatMeReallyNicely #FreeTheNipple bec #ICantFindMine #OdysseyDesigns #PatternTime #TryIts #AstroCurious

I don’t think I could ever have toooo many photos of a good night ☁️ 🎶 THIS however, was an AaMARSzing one! ☄️💚 👏🏻 & as much as I want to show you every angle 📐 of our fineee ensembles... 💫 We were a bit busy shaking it ▪️◽️◼️ ta click more pics! 📸 But, it’s all good in the neighborhood 🌈 When you’ve got a great outL👀k, every night is one for the books🤘🏻📓 Cuz It’s your accessories after the fact, that make the moment worth memorializing anywhoo! 👯‍♀️✅ #WhenMarsAttacks #SplashHouse #KeepTheFireBurning #SistaSista #DontBeDisposable #VirgoesAgain

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