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Megan Nicole Boyd ☁️  ★ Girl of the 21st Century ★ Patterns! 🌀 When & Where? S👀 for yourself ↓

Hey sister sister, I’m so glad you’re here, cuz I missed ya! 📸
MAN it’s been a while since we talked, 🔥but I’ll always carry you in my heart. ♥️🌀💧🌈🎶 I’ve been #EXTRA hyper observant lately, 😏 but I’m working on keeping it short, ☝🏻 ➰ so I’ll just leave you the title of my next post. 👊🏻🌝💃
📍 SPACE, Oooh! Something Shiny! ✨

#SplashHouse #WhatsYour20? #CrochetYourWayToHappiness #TheRenaissancePalmSprings #LeoSeason #ThatsSoRetrograde #PolaroidPictures #DontShakeIt #Shazam #YouLookHowIFeel 📸: @kylecoury

Just hanging out! 🤙🏻

Oh hi, I don’t know what I’m doing either... but I’m having fun pretending! 🤫💚🌈🕺🏼
This lime green crochet stuff is me attempting to make a ~perfectly~ fitting #CrochetBikini for @splashhouse 🧠🙏🏻💦 I put the brain emoji there because it’s been a bigger challenge than I anticipated...🐌👽💪🏻 But if crochet has taught me anything, it’s that PEACE lies in the process. ➰⚙️🌱✌🏻
Accepting it, working through it, & letting your ~dedication~ recharge your spirit (fingers)!🔋👋🏻✨ Because eventually, I WILL finish this bikini!👙🌀👊🏻
& When that time comes, imperfect as it may be ,🤪 You best believe I’m going to rock it with Every Fiber of my being. ⚡️💚🌊 #BringItOn #OdysseyDesigns (what happened to the 2nd & 3ed photos! 🤯)

Sometimes I feel like we’re at this tug of war,🌪 With how we feel & what we think people expect from us 🤖
🎶 Even though you tell me you love me, I’m afraid that you only love my disguise 🎶
@janellemonae album’s been on repeat all afternoon 🌬
I keep pausing her lyrics, as they lead me to write words of my own. 💭☺️
I love finding a good rhythm, & the listening to the flow of different artists.🎤🎨🎹 It’s magic the way they share their stories. 🎵🕺Turning lessons into melodies for others to enjoy. 🌞🐸🦋
I do my best to use crochet in this fashion, 👗 Letting it calm my mind with each twist of the hook, ➰
Slowing creating my own dose of joy to put out into the world. 🐌🐚🤙🏻

⚠️ When you notice the tree’s shadow behind me, 🧐 but it’s still not visible on my face...🤳🏻 That’s how you know it’s a good selfie. 😇 ➕ PLUS ➕ this is a slight variation to my #NoPressure #Crochet pattern! 🌀 ➰ Get AT it 🖥🏄‍♀️ on E-T-S-Y <you ain’t got no alibi> 🎶 it’s in the bio. 💋

Yup, this was was cool. 🥒 I’m reposting it, ✅
It reminds me of the good ol days, 🐸 back at Summer Camp! 📦

Just hanging out, chit chatting about our crushes ☎️ repeating riddles & rhymes 🎶 spacing out over the stars & their stories✨ ⚡️Thanks for packing the good vibes @trippydana 📸 & making sure we l👀k mighty spify for any occasion @shopcamp ❣️
Anyone want to be #PenPals? 📬

Dressed in yellow, she says hello! 👋🏻💛

🎲 Doubling down on the self care after a full weekend @Encore📍Las Vegas. 🎻
🎧 I get knocked down - But I get up again... 🎸
🌝 Special Thanks to a quick poolside Solar Recharging &
Mental Stretching ➿crochet edition.🌀
🧘🏼‍♀️Slightly struggling to stay ZEN with this #BrightDaze project & I’m starting to feel the heat with #SunSoaked approaching. 🔥
🕸Anyone else juggling Responsibilities & Relaxation?🤹‍♀️ ⚠️What’s been keeping your attention lately?🐣 LMK below! 💭

Feelin’ Blue? Crochet your way to happiness with my NEW PATTERN!💥
★ Now available on @Etsy ★ Guaranteed Safe & Sane! 💙

Anyone else feeling extra Crabby today? 🦀
I sure am... So heres something I captured last season. 🤗🎶

Happy Pride! 🌈
I believe celebrating our united uniqueness is such a beautiful thing. & One that crosses over many sectors of our lives. 💜
How does PRiDE fit into the context of CROCHET?
The love that goes into making is unconditional!
You’d go crazy trying to control every strand gone slightly astray.
But when you’re ready to share your project with the world, 🧡
All the places where you thought something didn’t l👀k right or seemed different than you expected...
Transform into masterpiece everyone can find the value in
Be Patient, Be Progressive, Be Prideful! 💫

Well, I couldn’t find Jenny or Blair anywhere.... But at this point, I just happy to have finally made mine. 🖤
Head over to for the full download on LIB & NYC⚡️♠️🗯

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