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Meghan Musnicki  Personal Trainer 2x Olympic gold medalist 5x world champion CF-L1

Strong women, you’re either going to be inspired or intimidated by them, you decide.

Balls, jumps, burpees, and carries. I love mixing up my workouts. Doing non-traditional work keeps me from feeling burned out on the machine yet still allows me to work the muscles I need for rowing-did someone say hip strength and core stability? 🍩
Thanks @eah_fit for joining me in my PM session yesterday. Working out with a partner is way more fun than going solo! 🍰
Sound on to hear how awesome my travelling double unders are getting, and no, nothing was sped up. At all. Like not even a little. We are just THAT fast 🤔

Getting back into the work week after having spent a majority of the last 'official' weekend of summer outside; I loved every minute and I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

As you walk away from this week have you thought about what you want to achieve in the final week of August? What are you going to do to make that thought a reality?

Half of the week down half to go. What are you pushing 🙃 to accomplish the second half of this week??

#fbf to this past Wednesday when my @lululemonsf #grantave crew surprised me by asking if I would be their newest ambassador! Of course I said yes! I'm super excited to join #thesweatlifesf team. ✨

Interesting fact, I'm one of two @trainflagship coaches that are a lulu ambassador; big man @calebjohnson reps the men.

Sticking with the theme of core strength from my Monday here is another one to try. This move can be modified by beginning on your knees instead of standing.
Be sure and only roll out as far as you can maintain a flat back; no sagging of the hips, keep your neck neutral, and squeeze those glutes! ▫️
Want to see something specific? Comment below or send me a message!

I love working on my core stability--here is an advanced move for you to try this Monday. The goal is to not let your hips shift left to right keeping your midline stable throughout the entire movement.
Not there yet? I challenge you to start with a basic front plank on your hands or forearms for 15 seconds and build up to 1 minute holds with perfect form.

#tbt 6 years ago today I won my first Olympic gold with these amazing women.

Great quote for a Monday morning. Get out there and earn your opportunities this week.

It's Monday again; are you going to drive the week or let the week drive you?

Had an incredible weekend with this one at the @movemeant @wedaretobare festival. -
It was amazing to be outside sweating with an incredible community of people in support of such an important mission; empowering women no matter age, shape, or size, to feel confident about their bodies. The foundation uses fitness and movement to build self worth, support positive body image, and provide positive role models for the younger generation.

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