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Realize I am my own cutest fucking valentine 🖤🔪

Partner in crime. Literally. I'm surprised we haven't been arrested yet. Love you, happy Galentines day chicken butt @k_yte


In honor of lady Gaga since everyone wants to shame her for being a perfect human being I have decided to post this. Left was in April, I was at my lightest weight and the happiest I've ever been with myself. I felt so confident and appreciative of the hard work I did after losing 20 pounds. Right was about a month ago. I have gained 8 pounds back and i have been disappointed in myself that I allowed the holidays and fear of the inside of the gym to take over my mind and body. (I love to run outside with nature). BUT yet I'm still confident in myself, I still look in the mirror and appreciate the body in front of me. I have trust in myself that I will lose what I gained and hopefully more.

I have a good heart, but this mouth

From baby to unsaved number real quick 😊🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you, can't wait to make Friday the 13th a tradition 😈. @richietattoos


Took us 24 years to become super close. Love you shithead @jaymmjr

Where's my burrito?

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