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Oh boy!!! 💙. Talk about plans changing! Welcome to the world beautiful baby boy Ross! He decided to come 2 weeks early...but waited long enough for nana and papa to literally race home in time! (There may or may not have been a few speed limit laws broken! 😬). Phew! I was freaking out just a little bit...but now that we’re home and he’s here we are beyond thrilled! So grateful for miracles and mercies! #feelingsoblessed

I couldn’t let the day pass without publicly wishing this amazing daughter a happy birthday. She made me a mommy and now she’s a wonderful mommy to almost 4 little perfect gifts from heaven. I love her so much...(feeling like mother of the year having been away for her last two birthdays! 😭😭😭)

Finding out so much more about this wonderful country of ours...from the home of the jolly green giant in Minnesota to the absolute majesty of Mount Rushmore, I just love it all! ❤️

Had a blast in Chicago! And then Milwaukee...the Harley-Davidson Museum is marvelous! So much wonder in this amazing country of ours! I guess it’s good we didn’t hit the east coast...we haven’t had a drop of rain. There’s still time though!😬...more adventures coming.

Well plans often change, and due to that little storm named Florence, we have changed ours. Instead of Nashville east to North Carolina, we’ve headed north. Yesterday we drove through Tennessee, Kentucky, and ended in Illinois. Long day! Corn fields for DAYS!!! But having fun no matter what! 😉❤️ #sorebutts

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby boy!!! 😭😭😭. My baby is 23...time is cruel when it comes to our children growing and maturing into great adults. Too fast. He is one of my very best friends and confidants. Proud to be his mama. Have a wonderful day my son! Love you so...

How a lovely lunch today with these incredible ladies! Kind of a mini class reunion since I missed ours last weekend. Love them bunches!!! ❤️

Oh Disney! What can I say more? Had such a wonderful time with this bunch...we HAD to get one last trip in before @malorieence has her babe. Thanks fam for the memories! And thanks @disneyland for never disappointing! ❤️

The twins are off to kindergarten! And to the same school their mama went to! Such tender feelings I’m having...😭...please world, be kind and gentle! 🙏🏻

Me and my girls...grateful beyond words for them...I love them all! ❤️

Lake Powell was such fun! Only thing missing was @mcdoge and @kylefisher30 !!! (Sure missed them). Everything else was perfect! ☀️🏖🚤

Our grapes have been so beautiful and delicious this year! The heat has been dreadful and I want to die half the time, but I am grateful for the amazing gifts that come in abundance.

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