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Megan Pope  Celebrate we will cause life is short but sweet for certain 🌞♋

The reason for everything that I do #jaxonfischer

The best kind of baby is a naked one ❤️ #jaxonfischer

Thank you for making me a mother 💙 I'm blessed to be yours. #jaxonfischer

Mother there's something in there I know it & im gonna find it and destroy it ! #huntinglife #bootyup


Just two of the reasons I wake up everyday 💙#navyfedmovienight

💋🤡 #gno

Don't worry buddy, you'll be out there in the diamond swingin before you know it ⚾️ #futuremvp #jaxonfischer

Happy one month birthday to my sweet blue eyed boy! #timeflies

All it takes is a simple moment like this to nearly bring me to tears. Because if someone had told me this time last year I would be a mom, I would of laughed in their face. And when I found out I was pregnant, I felt angry and terrified and it took me months to feel any kind of joy about you. But now that you are here, I can't imagine life without you or before you. And boy I will fail repeatedly, I will make mistakes daily, I will embarrass you on numerous occasions, and I will be the farthest thing from perfect.. but no one on this earth will ever love you the way that I do. In three short weeks, you have filled a hole in me that I never knew I even had. I love you more than the sun and moon Jaxon Fischer💙 #mommasboy

I'm 3 weeks old today! Practically a grown man! #jaxonfischer

Beyond blessed to love and be loved by these two boys💙 #fynandjax

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