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im tired of being treated like i'm fragile, like i need someone to take care of me, like i should be dependent on somebody else, more specifically, a man. i'm sick of holding the door for men just for some of them to tell me, "no, no, after you," or, "ladies first," or, "that's different." why can't i just do something nice for you? why are men supposed to pay for the date? i'm just so tired of being treated lesser than.
i'm constantly told by many loved ones of mine to marry rich, but why can't i just become rich on my own? i'm constantly told if i'm traveling, i need a man to go with me. why can't i just defend myself on my own if i'm in danger?
after what boys have put me through, i will never ever let people believe that the male gender is superior or that a man needs to take care of a woman.
i'm fine on my own.
i don't need anyone; all i need is myself. #girlpower

once upon a time i was taking a nap and i woke up and saw pink shining through my blinds. i quickly get up and see this masterpiece in the sky, take a picture cuz it's so pink n pretty, and go back to sleep. life is beautiful.

if anyone should try and find me, just know I'm where I wanna be ❁


last night my best friend and I got to do a photoshoot together before she leaves back to her second home in Boston at Berklee (all thanks to the amazing Tanner Cox @tanner.cox_)! I MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY and I can't wait to see you again 💕no matter how far apart, you're always in my heart. I LOVE YOU!! 💘

today my mom got married on the beach and this happened! 🌈

hip-hop in the summer ☀️

always a good time @ SLAM!! 😝🎉

I've only been home for 3 days and I already want to go back 🌴

I could write a whole book about you, but I'll try and keep it short and sweet.
Life isn't any easier, and to be honest, it just feels like it's getting harder and harder to live without you. It's been 3 years since I last saw you, and today marks the day you finally met God. Tomorrow marks the day I woke up to my biggest fear, which was losing you.
But I didn't really lose you. I feel you every day. You take over my mind. I get signs constantly that you're here, and that you're watching over me. Even though I can't see you, I can feel you, and even though I would love to see your face again, I am content and so blessed to be able to feel your presence with me and get signs from you and God. I FEEL your love, and I know that you are so proud of me. Ever since you moved to Heaven, I have been closer than I've ever been to God.
Thank you, Lord, for saving my dad from his pain today. Thank you for taking him to Heaven today.
I wish I had more time, but everything happens for a reason, and I trust in God's plan.
I know I will see you again, and this time in a place where there is no more pain, pure joy, peace, and beauty all around. I can't wait until I see you again, and this time it will be right next to God!!!!
I love you Papa!! I'll see you soon in Heaven!! ❤️💙🙏🏼😇
P.S. Isn't my dad so handsome?? Seriously, I have yet to meet someone as handsome as him :)

happy 4th from the cutest bffs you'll ever see 🇺🇸❤️💙

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