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remember when we were 8 and stayed up all night talking about your perfect wedding? oh right, it happened 😍 #maddiganwed

So incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be baptized and recommit my life to Jesus and continue an authentic relationship with Him. Even more thankful that I have such strong people in my life supporting me❤ #iammadenew

So incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve and hang out with all of these incredible people these past 2 weeks. A special thanks to @scotticus_prime and @tndutton for giving me the opportunity to purse my passion and pour into students. God is so so good everyone.
#anthem🏕 #slingshotmiddle
P.S. for those of you who were wondering I sustained more injuries this week than the last 18 years of my life 🚑🤷‍♀️

here's a throwback to when we had 0 rips on the last day of school and we didn't start college in ONE month 😵🎉

#1 dilemma of current graduated seniors: what to do with all those senior sunday worthy pics??

i would like to personally thank everyone who sent me screenshots ❤
but in all seriousness thanks to everyone for supporting me all these years

this trip without these 2 would've been sheer missouri

thankful for these girls who made high school somewhat tolerable🎉💕 ✌️ out from this girl gang

name a more iconic duo... I'll wait.

happy 18th to the girl on the left who always knows how to have a good time 🎉❤

Shoutout to the most Patagonia date out there, thanks for the best night😎

oh hey didn't see ya there 👋

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