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M E G A N  spelling bee finalist of 2007

oh hey didn't see ya there 👋

thanks to @ellenbhansen my inner urge to become a hip travel blogger has been met. too bad my budget doesn't support these dreams. #ss

only 4% of the population are redheads and I'm lucky enough that one of them is my bff ❤️ #hbdginge

hey upper east siders,
you know you love us
xoxo, gossip girl

for one night I was as tall as them👏🏻

when you go with the ASB president and he forgets his tickets, they let you in anyways 😎

throwback to when I ombré-d my hair freshman year. oh wait. oops I did it again.

our monochrome scale shows how monotone and stale this school year would be without them

camp was the and these people made it the #natives2k16

I felt bad for interrupting this scenery 🌲🏔

a. dynamic duo
b. twins
c. best friends
d. all of the above
to the only person that answers letter d, happy birthday💓🎉 @hannah.galway

just trying to hide our excitement about being in sharpay's locker. also trying to hide my depression for leaving these people in 3 days.