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Meghan McCarthy  I’m really good at sudoku. 🔻Last Video...

I look at my food like I just gave birth to it.

Kendrick Llama photobombed me and he doesn’t carrot all. [FIRST DAY OF VLOGMAS IS HERE! Link in bio!]

Did I just make a vine?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Thank you all for taking off school and work to eat until you puke in honor of my bday today!🍗💛 (Ps I also posted a new video. Link in bio!)

I took this picture 2 minutes before I started ugly crying in @eltoncastee’s face. My life has changed a lot over the last four years. I’ve gone through ups and downs and moves and breakups and the battle of trying to grow my bangs out, but the one thing that’s been consistent is this guy. I barely leave my house, but Elton is in a new country every week. I never thought I’d find a best friend in someone that’s the complete opposite of me, but I did and I’m so thankful for this prickly teddy bear. I miss you already Elty. See you on Fortnite later!

This looks like a selfie your parents would send you after you leave for college. #emptynesters

Dry eyes when I’m gaming make me real salty! It’s not a pleasant feeling so I’m lucky that Visine flushes the dryness right out! Plus, it lasts all day so I’ll never be haunted by dry eyes again! :) #ForYourViewingPleasure #VisineAmbassador #ad

I just wanna go home and play Fortnite.

Do you think he passes out deviled eggs for Easter? 🐇😈🐣#universalhhn

Here’s an old boomerang from when something must’ve gotten in my eye. Poor me.

The desert really brings out my eyes

I hope you guys like this Post. (New video. Link in bio)

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