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Me and Cookie Monster had a real thing.

Coming up on the one year of not drinking.
Whenever I mention I don’t drink I tend to get similar responses.
“Good job! I wish I could do that”. (You can)
“Congratulations! That must be so hard!” (It’s not)
The truth is, not drinking in and of itself really was easy.
I don’t feel particularly accomplished because of it.
Now, I leave events early to sleep, drive to parties instead of rideshare and fully enjoy the fact that marijuana is legal where I live.
My body quietly let go of about 30 pounds. I enjoyed my first VidCon, Playlist and Bufferfestival without a hangover (or an unfortunate fall). However, I can say the past few weeks I’ve been feeling…emotional. Sensitive. Sad, even.
I’ve been thinking a lot about why I stopped.
So, here it is.
I came to the end of something.
I LET myself feel hurt by someone I wanted for longer than I should have.
I thought if I held on long enough I’d pass this imaginary test.
I knew better, but I ignored better.
Sometimes I still ignore better.
I found myself, sitting in a car, crying and arguing with someone I loved. And, I couldn’t even communicate WHY I was hurt because I was foggy and drunk and sad.
I couldn’t find the words.
And, I ALWAYS find the words.
Didn’t want to feel like that ever again.
So, I stopped.
It’s interesting. You come to this anniversary of sorts and see how much has changed, how much hasn’t. How some bridges get rebuilt and some stay ash. I’m still learning how to put myself in better situations, trust the right people, be open but kinder than I sometimes feel.
All that to say, when you’ve learned the lesson, when you’re ready to let it’ll let it go.
Also, wow, a year goes by fast.

Making a list. Letting the universe know I got BIG PLANS. What are some of the things you’d love to see me do, make, be in, create, write and craft this year??
👗 @citychiconline

Happy Sunday from me and the pup. I’m not at all prepared for this week. You?

Everyone is all cute out here with these magical, invisible trays that straighten their teeth, BUT SOME OF US spent four years stressing over what color rubber bands we should get on our very metal, very uncomfortable braces.
If you ever see how I never bite into food and tear my sandwiches into pieces, now you know why.

Don’t tell her girlfriend.
On another note, I think yellow might be my official color this year?

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Prom date ft. @foxyhotmesss

Soooo a lot of new people showed up after my #bellyappreciation #fuckyourtummytea post yesterday. 👋🏻 👋🏻 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
Things you’ll find on this page: a lack of fucks, unapologetic body love, a lil fatty living her most authentic life...and a girl who pins her jewelry to her wall because if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist to me.
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Woke up today remembering that my time is a gift and I only need to give it to deserving people. #bath #foottattoo #greatlakes #michigan #michigantattoo #legs #bootyrevolution

G’day. Tell me your favorite kind of wood. I’m a birch kinda girl.

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