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Meghan Mayes  Of what use is a dream of not a blueprint for courageous action?

Missing Europe. I can't wait for the day I can go to stay.

The glowing Lourvre. Last full day in Paris and it wonderfully continues to rain. #glowingpyramid #thistripisalmostdone #butidontwanttogobacktoschool #paris #hashtag #nohashtag

Now in Salzburg, Austria. Castles, mountains, I took an illegal picture of the piano the MOZART WROTE THE MAGIC FLUTE ON, also a casual pic of Haydn's spectacles and the church that Mozart played the organ in. #itookanillegalpicbutimproud #Classicalmusicisthebest #Mozart #Haydn #hashtag #nohashtag

Goodbye Switzerland. Hello Germany. #probablylost #dontworryifidontmakeitback #hashtag #nohashtag

Lake Como, Italy - Day 3


Dress rehearsal for one of the orchestra operetta concerts this past week at AIMS!! An amazing venue overlooking Graz, wonderful singers and beautiful music 💙 also thanks to Allison Deady for recording this for me :)

Celebrated my first full week of classes at AIMS with drinks and a view 💙#grazaustria #schlossberg

Bored and feelin a bit spaced out at work

Silent Sentry

Nuit d'étoiles

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