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Meghan Rienks  professional ugly crier watch: @honorlistmovie 🎬 podcast: @dontblamemepod 💭 founder: @shop.martie ✨ author: #YoureNotSpecial 📚 preorder my book 👇🏼

I never look like this when I type “haha”
peep that mug & those cute af desk supplies
available now on 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 @shop.martie
and that shameless #YoureNotSpecial book cameo
sorry guys i’m PARCHED 🥤

the lily to my meghan ✌🏼 (literally)
besides being one of my best friends 👯‍♀️
lilz was also the GUEST my podcast today!
head on over to 👉🏼 @dontblamemepod 👈🏼
and it’s up now on @itunes & @soundcloud
also are you a lily 💃🏼 or a meghan 👵🏼

baby spice but make it bitchy 🍼✌🏼
my pin is a gold ⭐️ that says ‘average’
bc i’m realistic about my skillset 🤷🏼‍♀️
my tee says “girl power” bc fucking duh 🙄
available at @shop.martie ✨🛍

love a good loaf 💕
much like damn daniel, #bakingwithmeghan
is BACK AT IT AGAIN with a new video on this bb
cinnamon-y ✔️ crumbly ✔️ loafy ✔️
full video on youtube 🍿 & recipe on the blog ✍🏼

under this bun is monica barbados hair

stay hydrated hoes 🤙🏼
we’ve restocked all sizes of ‘feminist’ tee 💕
the ✨ tumbler is still available & *drumroll* 🥁
per YOUR request - we’ve included your fave
items from previous #blankbox as stand alone
products to buy on the site! INCLUDING things from @honorlistmovie box 🙌🏼 sticky notes, pins, keychains, notebooks 📓 art prints, gift tags 🎁 pencils ✏️ & MORE!
treat yo self 🛍 ——> @shop.martie ⭐️
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can you BELIEVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!⁣
~in that very moment, she could in fact, not believe~ ⁣

*record scratch* ⁣

you’re probably wondering how I ended up here & why i’m telling you that #YoureNotSpecial (also giving you 🖕🏼)

if you haven’t peeped the (v out of character) emotion in my new vid - I strongly suggest you watch it bc it’ll answer a TON of your questions⁣ 💬 (also it’ll clear up who i’m digitally 🖕🏼 *shade* ☕️ 🐸⁣

btw *it wont actually fuck ur mom

no✖️ ghost writer, ✖️ co-author, just me
and some SERIOUS oversharing⁣ ✍🏼

I wanted #YoureNotSpecial to feel like your
(hot mess 🔥) older sister’s diary 📓⁣
a cheat sheet 📝 for growing up
from someone who’s still in the midst of it⁣ ⁣
I nevvvvvver understood self help books
from people who have their shit together⁣ 💩
I wanna take heartbreak advice from someone
who got dumped over 📱 while laying ⁣ on the floor of a 24 hr mexican restaurant, under the claw machine game
⁣but was took drunk to remember it the next day (it me 🙋🏼‍♀️)⁣

it’s an advice book, a guide to growing up,
and simultaneously “sort-of” a memoir ⁣

I wouldn’t say im the *best* role model -
I fuck up all the time, I make bad decisions, ⁣
I ghost people, I eat food off the floor,
I get too invested, or not at all & I get hurt ⁣

it might feel like you’re the *only* person who’s ever
dealt with the things you go through⁣ and
i’m (honestly not that) sorry to be the one to
burst your bubble - but #YoureNotSpecial

available for preorder NOW 👆🏼link in bio
and it hits shelves February 26, 2019 📚 ♥️

issa monday mood 🖕🏼✌🏼
also the shadow on my crotch is making my vagina look like a demogorgon 🔥💦

remember low rise leggings? 🍑
@equinox #equinox #eqxpartner

you’re a snack 🍪 & she’s a salty beach 🌊 ~ life lessons from july’s #blankbox 📦
this month’s theme was inspired by beach days🌴
and a classic summer color palette 🎨
if you want to see EVERYTHING that’s in this 📦
there’s a full unboxing on IGTV & youtube! 🙌🏼 🖥
i love seeing you guys w/ your boxes so keep tagging us! @shop.martie #shopmartie ✨♥️

my toes didn’t get the thotty memo

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