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Megan Reilly  Christopher😘 💘 Kylie👶🏻 💕 Logan 👶🏼💙 Snap👻- meganreillyy

✨📖The cutest in the history of ever📚✨ #loganjamesdurbin

My phone put together this super cute video of the last four weeks 😋💕 #kyliebrookedurbin #loganjamesdurbin

Walk-a-thon 😋🚶🏼‍♀️ #kyliebrookedurbin

When you leave Florida and it’s freaking cold 🙄 #kyliebrookedurbin

Dancin around the kitchen and making Kylie’s favorite, rainbow pancakes ❤️👯🌈🥞 #kyliebrookedurbin

Kylie and Olivia had an awesome time at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday 🐭🧀😋 #kyliebrookedurbin #olivianoellelinn #cousins

Kylie’s very first school picture!! 😊📸🍂 #kyliebrookedurbin

After going from being a full time student and working a lot to being a stay at home mom for a little bit, I️ learned this year that the greatest gift you can give your children is your time and that will make them so much happier than any toy ever could. That’s why for Christmas this year we’re trying to gift mostly experiences rather than a bunch of toys. I️ know it’s hard to imagine gifting a kid something they can’t rip the wrapping paper off of but I️ think if we show her pictures of what we’ll be doing and talk to her about it, she’ll be super excited! Obviously, Kylie still LOVES toys so whatever our amazing family & friends get her is wonderful & super appreciated. At the same time, people are always asking what she wants so I️ figured I’d throw this article out there just to show a few good experience gift ideas in case you want to join in on giving her experience gifts that she’ll remember forever ☺️ http://www.sunshineandhurricanes.com/gift-experiences-things/
Kylie also asks a lot of our family members/friends for sleepovers or picnics or to go to the park together so if you gave her an invitation/ coupon for one of these she would be ecstatic (and it doesn’t cost anything but time and maybe a pb&j sandwich). I️ really hope this doesn’t sound like I’m asking for or demanding anything but people are always asking me what she wants for holidays/ birthdays so I️ figured I’d throw this idea out there before most people start their shopping. ❤️🎄🎅🏻
(Also I️ didn’t forget about Logan but he’ll only be 3 months old & I have no idea what to get him so if anyone has any ideas besides clothes and teethers and toys that he doesn’t know what to do with yet that would be awesome lol)

✨🌜Bedtime Cuddles 🌛 💫#kyliebrookedurbin #loganjamesdurbin

Turkey season 🦃 #gobblegobble #loganjamesdurbin

Papa Rilez came to Kylie’s school today to talk to the kids about being a Veteran! 😊🇺🇸 And on the way out we passed by the flag that he flew over Baghdad and gave to the school back when I️ went there💙Thanks for all you’ve done not only for me but for our entire country, love ya dad! ❤️ #kyliebrookedurbin #veteran #veteransday

Smiling for daddy 😊💕 #loganjamesdurbin #THOSEDIMPLES

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