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... soft ... fragile ... broken ...

Watching my niece in her footy grand final! Go Oakers!

Flash back Saturday to these 2 good boys who were asking very nicely for some sausages. #doggos #goodboys #sausages #heck

Work views the other night. Trains. Clouds. Sunsets. Powerlines. Other views I see from my work window: art, musos, manbuns, people scrambling for car parks.

Hopetoun Cemetery.
Oldest rural Catholic cemetery in Victoria.

Devonshire Tea just for me. #allbymyself

Josh Pyke at the Corner!
Shot for Amnplify!
@joshpyke @amnplify

So ugly.
The Ugly Kings @ Cherry Bar.
Out shooting tonight, been a while, looking forward to beer and music and a little bit of shenanigans to go with it.

International Beer Day and we're drinking beer at work. Sounds good to me.

Apparently I do good hairs at bedtime. If I tried to do this tomorrow I'd have no fkn chance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reasons pillow fort boyfriends are better than humanoid ones:
- they are not too hot and don't have cold feet
- they don't fart/snore/sweat/murmur
- you can mold them into comfortable positions
- you don't feel bad if you rollover and accidentally steal the covers
- if you wake up with a pain in the neck you can just get a new pillow
- the don't rip your heart out, set it on fire and smoke the ashes.

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