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People’s daily CHINA:
A flight enroute from #Shanghai to #Guangzhou was delayed on Tue after a passenger throwing coins into the plane's engine
A flight CZ380 with around 150 passengers onboard had been delayed in Shanghai Pudoing airport after an elderly woman was caught throwing coins into the plane’s engine.
Workers found a total of nine coins from the engine. It is reported that the woman did this for the purpose of fortunes.
The elderly woman had requested the airport’s wheelchair service due to her immobility in walking. She was accompanied by her family members and workers to the flight staircase when she was seen throwing coins at the engines.
Старушка накидала на счастье монет в турбину самолета
Инцидент произошел 27 июня в шанхайском аэропорту "Пудун" перед вылетом рейса авиакомпании China Southern в Гуанчжоу, сообщает в своем "Фейсбуке" издание "Жэньминь Жибао". Одним из 150 пассажиров на рейсе оказалась пожилая женщина, которую сотрудники аэропорта подвезли к стоящему на летном поле самолету на инвалидной коляске. Перед тем как ее подняли по трапу на борт, женщина начала бросать в турбину самолета деньги. Сотрудникам аэропорта и другим пассажирам старушка пояснила, что делает это на счастье.

#MEGAVIDEO by 👤@bjornpilot
Always love the #air2air videos😍
Airbus A340

#MEGAVIDEO by 👤@garwade
/'American Airlines Departing Runway 19 through an incredible Fog Bank this morning #DCA'/

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#MEGAPLANE By 👤@lukaszzak
Boeing 777 Turkish Airlines

#MEGASHOT by 👤@andresanahuati
Chicago international airport

25.6.17 7News YouTube channel
Air Asia Flight (Perth to KL) Shaking Violently - 359 Passengers On-Board Feared For Their Lives.

25.6.17 7News YouTube channel
Air Asia Flight (Perth to KL) Shaking Violently - 359 Passengers On-Board Feared For Their Lives.

MEGAVIDEO by 👤@cargospotter YouTube channel
Boeing 757 using the reverse gear after landing
👉Watch till the end!

#MEGASHOT by 👤@maurits_aviation
Boeing 737 touch and go, GREAT SHOT 😍👍

#MEGAVIDEO by 👤@biloul_h
Hangar doors🙂
Boeing 777

#MEGAPLANE by 👤@starosa_spotting
Boeing 777-F #Fedex at Paris

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