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megan younce  buffalo sauce junkie @waistlinesandwhiskey



l just made butternut squash pasta from scratch and it’s real good and l love my new kitchen🙃 #buttnut #vegancooking #imadethis (recipe: @cheaplazyvegan 🙏🏽) #megasvegankitchen


l don’t think l’ve done this in about ten years. 🛁 #noshowerlife #clawfoottub #iguessimabathpersonnow

Dear @barkindred, please don’t take the Psycho Moco away from me 😍😭 #psychomoco #veganfood #veganinsandiego #permanentvacation

AND TO TOP OFF THIS NIGHT, l met an African grey parrot named Rupert who MEOWED AT ME and let me hold him while l recited facts about birds l learned from @ologies #ornithology episode. #bowie #meowie #ohyouprettything (thanks @alieward for making me seem smart to strangers and their pets)

Listening to Young Americans and wearing a magic blood absorbing yeti on this tragic day #bowie #neverforget #🖤

l had a really weird dumb shitty day but then l bought some essentials for my new apartment and cooked in it for the first time (and! burned my finger) and drank some murder wine and feel a thousand times better and ended up having an awesome night by myself. Thanks especially to my babes @k8tiebradshaw @beckylinn1976 @itsybitsydinosaur @glitterisgoldberg @gi_iq and @laur3nat0r for listening to my texting/venting/crying and just being the best people and advice givers and listeners, l’m so lucky to know you girls ❤️ #ssdgm #friendtherapy

Happy birthday Goblin King, l miss you 💔

Never too old to ask my momma to try and comb out these knots in my hair 😂❤️

When your boss gets 1 vegan donut so you can share in the last day of the year at work donut box😍🙏🏽 #nomaddonuts

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