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Swamp life

Last week some guys scared Ginger on the street and within a few days, she began refusing to go outside, and has been shaking/crying when I bring her out for her walks. She hasn’t been this scared since the first few weeks we had her and I hate that some jerks did this after she’s come so far. I know we will be able to work through it and she is fine otherwise but it sucks to see her this way, terrified to do her favorite thing #dogmeattradesurvivor

Pics from a great place

Really stoked on PDX @terrapinevents

Ginger is very cute. Here she is enjoying the fresh air on the nicest hike ever.

Checking out some water that was falling

Very excited for friendship in 10 days!!!

I used to spend my weekends doing this, now I spend them with a bunch of puppies. But I still miss you @kikupunk !!


Doggie time

Twinning with David at Sunday’s PPTC Cherry Tree 10-Miler.


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