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Super grateful to be home in Pennsylvania this week visiting with family. The weather is also amazing. ❤️

Today was the first day I’ve actually turned off and relaxed in a couple months. Between work, running a non-profit, and blogging (albeit, inconsistently), I rarely have downtime. I spent the day by the pool with good friends pretending I was back on this gorgeous beach in Brazil. ❤️

I’ve been dreaming of some white sandy beaches, snorkeling in the reefs, frozen drinks lounging in hammocks while reading books, beach hair, sun-kissed skin, freckles, and naps. Desperately seeking a beach vacation. Is it time to go back to Roatan?

Who wants some chai?

It’s almost May and I realized that I need to get on travel planning for the rest of this year before it’s too late to work things out. I spent some of today doing research on where else I want to go. (Spoiler alert: it’s everywhere.)

Throwback to beautiful Pakistan.

As many Americans do, I gain a lot of self-worth from the work that I do. It’s where I spend the majority of my time and energy. And when things don’t work out the way I want or hope, typically that results in my feeling like I’m not good enough as a person. I’ve spent my entire career working for non-profits or on public sector projects because my desire has always been to help people. It seems in my current job though, I’ve become so far removed from the feeling of actually helping people that I’ve been feeling unfulfilled. Some of you know that in addition to my full-time consulting job, I also run a non-profit to sponsor children to go to school in India. Education has always been important to me and I feel like it’s everyone’s innate right to be educated, regardless of their plight and standing in life. I’ve also been deeply moved and hurt by seeing how the US in particular has been turning away refugees in record numbers, not allowing people (and children especially) a chance at a better life. I decided to look into ways to help and found something perfect. I am going to start volunteering to teach English to refugees and immigrants. It’s a way to finally feel like I’m really helping people again, while also ensuring that people are being educated and growing in their potential. I’m beyond excited to reignite some passion and remind myself that there’s life outside of my office; and I can use that life to help others’ lives.

“I tell myself that I am searching for something. But more and more, it feels like I am wandering, waiting for something to happen to me, something that will change everything, something that my whole life has been leading up to.” - Hosseini

Just booked a flight back to Italy for later this year. When all else in your life goes wrong, go to Italy. Can’t wait to brush up on Italian and speak it again while there. Italy was my first love and I can’t wait to get back to see her. ❤️

Some days you come home late from work, contemplate the meaning of life, and drown your sorrows in a bucket of cool whip. 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s been a very long and exhausting week of work. My doctor told me that my blood pressure is high and I need to reduce stress or risk “stroking out.” To calm my soul I’ve been dreaming of the plazas full of life and laughter in Spain. One of the things I love most about the culture you can find in most European countries is the outdoor living and taking the time to enjoy long lunches and dinners outdoors in plazas, sipping wine, eating slowly, and enjoying life. I wish that culture would creep over to the US, and instead of working 55+ hours a week, we’d learn to take time for ourselves and our families. It’s one of the reasons I’ve wanted to leave the US for a few years and see what life is truly like in Europe. For the next year of this project, I’ll at least dream of that (and duck over there as many times as allows).

Little bit of beauty at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. 😍

I made one of the worst decisions of my life while in Spain: I went to see bullfighting. I guess I never really thought about what it was. I didn’t even know they killed the bull. So imagine my shock and horror when I went in and they wore the poor thing out and repeatedly stabbed it until it was dead, then dragged it across the ring and cheered like it was some huge heroic defeat. My stomach churned in disgust, my eyes welled with tears, and all I wanted to do was surf across the crowd to get out of there. When they opened the doors after that first one was over, I gladly ran out and only looked back to admire the beautiful architecture of a place where such an ugly and awful thing happens. I know it’s a part of Spanish history and in some respects, modern-day culture, so I won’t trash it from that perspective, but I wish I’d never gone and it’s not something I ever wish to see or experience again.

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