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Kame🇯🇵  My dream is to see Megan and listen to her songs in Japan. LOVE MEGAN MORE THAN ANYONE. Meganizer Forever♡

This video is my favorite lyric💗🙈
It’s the cutest video ever🐱💕

I’ve never seen her and listened to her songs in live. When is my dream come true..? I love her all so much. I miss her. JAPAN NEEDS MEGAN!!!

Guys, my dream came true😭✨
Megan followed me on Twitter 2/9/2018💗💗 I had waited that for about 5 years!!! I sent my huge love all the time and never gave up. Finally she noticed me, quote RTed and followed me🙈💕 I can’t believe that even now!!! My one of the biggest dream came true. Next my dream is to see her and listen to her song!! I wish there will be MKOP Tour and she’ll come to Japan🇯🇵❤️ MEGANIZER FOREVER♡

It’s almost 2/9😭💗 MKOP is comes out!! I’ve waited it for a year and always thought about it💜💜 All songs are really great and make me feel happy!! I hope you’ll have a tour and perform in JAPAN🇯🇵❤️ LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I’m happy to be a Meganizer🦄💕

My kind of party is coming!!
I’ve waited it for a long time😭💗Feb. 9th<3 can’t wait!!!! @megannicolemusic

I can’t believe😭💗💗
My Kind Of Party will comes out in Feb 9th😭❤️ I’ve waited for it for a year!!!! I’m really looking forward it🙈🧡🧡 I wish there will be its Tour!!!!!!!

Happy new year💗
I hope your 2018 will be great memories and bring you happiness!!! @megannicolemusic

Happy MeganizersDay!!!!!!
“Thank you” is not enough to explain how much I love you. You always make my life happier, stronger, more interesting and wonderful. Without you, I wouldn’t have such a great life. You are a special person who has changed my life. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH❤️ My biggest dream is to see you and listen to your singing voice in Japan. I want to tell you my feeling live and hug you. Does my dream come true? I’m waiting for you in Japan all the time. Please have a live... I’m a Japanese meganizers for 5 years. My friend told about you and I started to listen your songs. Firstly I listened “Summer Forever”. I was fascinated by your singing voice at that time. I thought “ What a great singer she is!!” Then I wanted to know about you more. Finally, what I want to say is THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. I LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU FOREVER. Never forget there are many Meganizers around the world. I always send you much love.
#MeganizersDay @megannicolemusic

I do hope she’ll come to Japan, too😭💗💗 @megannicolemusic Have a great trip!!!!!

Last Christmas🎄
She should cover this💗
Christmas is coming soon... So is MeganizersDay♡♡

I made Megan's Japanese site♡♡ I hope she'll become more famous in Japan🇯🇵💕

New Profile Pic♡
I'm waiting for new album, #mykindofparty

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