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Megan Nadin  #Singer #Songwriter filled with lyrics, melodies, poetry & 100 different laughs. 🐝 K I N D

Usually we “strum” - but for Christmas we strum... pum pum pum 🎄🎶 #dadjokes #imFun

Pops made it to Nashville with me 💕 exciting things planned for 2019!

Happy 🙃 Friday
Looking forward to another weekend of family and friends. xx #homesweethome

TODAY is the release date anniversary of one of my ALLL TIME FAVOURITE songs: “Let Me Love You” by @marioworldwide ❤️
So in honour of that.. here’s a snippet of the Let Me Love You/Just a Friend Mario Mashup I did. #LetMeLoveYou #JustAFriend #MashUp .

Sometimes I talk too much,
Word vomit just comes up,
No matter what mood I’m in.
I’m feisty, I’m stubborn,
I’m thinking it’s long term
cause that’s how I’ve always been.
I’m so indecisive, not saying I like it,
I just see the win-win.
...But, I’m what it is.
#leaveItorTakeit #lyrics

God I love writing.

Little mid week reminder...✨

Happy to be back in Nashville and writing with these amazing souls.
Writing with others can have its ups and downs. When you write with people that respect your creative process - it’s a major UP! #purebliss

Piano Lesson #3
• Can now play all Major scales and find the relative minor!
• CAN NOW READ/PLAY SHEET MUSIC!!! play songs like “Alouette”, “Jingle Bells” & “Silent Night”

I was captivated by theses leaves. So much so I had to snap a photo and write about it.

Who knew something could be so beautiful?
Leaves pressed against the pavement.
Orbs of damp cement sticking close to their silhouettes like an old love that can’t let go.

Who knew something could be so beautiful?
Leaves that once clung to trees - fooling onlookers into believing the peak of their beauty, their existence, was then and there.


The last 6 months of my life have been hectic and slightly chaotic - but beautifully so. Lots of changes, challenges, growth, adaption & reflection. But you know what that means? A whole new world of music. 💡 #expressyourself

One more #Throwback to the beginning of my Music journey. #AllSmiles
📷 @myrnasuarezphoto
MU/hair: @jrainieri

Writing Sessions 💭

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