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megan june 🌻  trust me, i'm a doctor

five years has gone by so fast and so slow at the same time. i love and miss you, dad. fall seven times, stand up eight.

sister from the same mister (even though you can't tell)

little known fact: my ancestors built all of manhattan, this is all mine


happy birthday to my cutie courty pie...love you long time 🌈🎈πŸ₯‘

no face-no case.

seeing everyone's posts today never gets easier... i miss my dad more than i can say. not a day goes by where i don't think about him and wish i could talk to him, but today is especially hard. i miss his wise cracks, creativity, humor, cooking and advice. i hope everyone cherishes and appreciates their dad everyday and not just today. i love you dad/pod

The greatest of all time's birthday is today, and I'm not talking about Tupac. Happy 25th to my (old ass) baby 🌎

11 years ago, I chased my sister around this fountain in front of a crowd until she fell in and got soaked. Yesterday, I just sat on it and reminisced.

it's mimOsa... not mimosAAA

marina del bae

when he's just not that into you

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