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Megan Ling  I dance. To God be all Glory💗 💙MG 💛 • Young Dancers Academy💃🏻

• I see the world in light, I see the world in wonder ~~ 📸: @ryan.linggg

When your mum is da coolest and doesn't mind taking a photo with you😘 📸: @vling119 #tsga

Here's a extremely failed left needle and scorpion👻 yes, I am completely aware that my needle is nowhere near straight😵 my left side is really bad and I haven't stretched in a while so I'm working on it 📸: @vling119 #tweenballet @tweenballet #flexibilitypost #_flexibilitypost_ #fdp #fdpbeachtheme @flexibility.post #teamsportgala #tsga @teamsportgala

If there's anything that I've gained from this past week (apart from a few more pimples and a ton of bobby pins), the most important lesson that I've learnt is for one to have patience, because God's not done yet:) Congratulations to all the other people who have competed!!❤️ @_loknexe_ @ed.nah @joeylum_ @emily_koe0606 @zhi.jin @nij.nxw @isy.choy @celesttanxuan
Thank you to Ms Lee @lisalatip , Ms Li Jie @li_jie_jenny , Ms Yang and Ms Yan @yan100679 for all your support and guidance:) @_loknexe_ couldn't have done any of this without seeing your face almost everyday❤️❤️ neo-classical dance in a contemp category? leggo 📸: @vling119
#tweenballet @tweenballet #teamsportgala #tsga @teamsportgala #_flexibilitypost_ #flexibilitypost @flexibility.post #fdp

D-1 to GTB •
Here's a little #throwback to the final day of comps season last year:) this year's comps prep may have been a little rocky with injuries and all, but praise god that I've made it through alive😂😂 jyjy to all competing (@_loknexe_ chin up and believe in yourself❤️❤️) TO GOD BE ALL GLORY WHOO 📸: @vling119
P.S this wasn't meant to be a dab (ahem ahem @ann_ralls )

#tweenballet @tweenballet #_flexibilitypost_ @flexibility.post #tsga #teamsportgala @teamsportgala

(This is a little late but) after a week of camps I've never been more tired, but my heart's never been fuller❤️ so thankful to the people whom I've spent this past week with and all the sec 4s in MGdance and MGPB:) to all the sec 4s, thank you and we love you 😘😘

Smiling through the pain of mid year results and intensive training HAHAHA jyjy everyone:) #fdpheadshots #_flexibilitypost_ #fdpambassadorsearch @flexibility.post 📸: @vling119

Roses are red, violets are blue, and I wouldn't have survived SYF if it weren't for all of you❤️❤️ words can't explain how grateful I am to be able to meet all of you❤️ thank you Mr Dan @dankwoh and Ms Kwek @smileatyixuan for your guidance through this entire journey!

Journey 2017 • Maybe it wasn't the very best run that we did, but coming out to see these people made it all ok❤️ thank you for coming seniors💕💕 @samantha.jpgx love you 😘 @mgdanceclub let's do this

It's so crazy to think that this is gonna be my last SYF with @mgdanceclub ❤️ it's been the most humbling experience dancing with this amazing bunch;) let's dance for God and all his glory tomorrow and on Monday👍🏻 to my sec 3s😘 @kyylllaaaaaaa @reneeechew @leseil @jiaa.jia @chaiannabel1811 @y1ngyeeng @alexis.lei_ @enialecow this is your dedi HAHA thank you all for always having my back and carrying me through tough times(literally @reneeechew ) and never failing to make my day during a super crappy dance day:) to the sec 4s, gonna miss y'all so much❤️ thank you for always dealing with me and being there to guide us:) @rachelgayletan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ GO GIRLS

As you can tell, I tried so hard to keep a straight face 😐 📸: @vling119
#teamsportsgala #tsga @teamsportgala #tweenballet @tweenballet #_flexibilitypost_ @flexibility.post
@flexibility.post I would love to be a #fdpambassador because I believe in everything flexibility post stands by. I hope to spread awareness of this positive community of amazing dancers and represent it:) thank you for the opportunity to participate in the #fdpambassadorsearch @rachelgayletan @gabubblee @_loknexe_ ❤️❤️

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