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M E G A N  ✨Reiki Healer & Women’s Wellness Coach✨ Helping women heal themselves so they can heal the world.

How I feel about another weekend spent with people I love, learning about ideas & practices that fascinate me & stepping even closer to the full expression of me summed up in one snap.

Mark, you are a force of nature. Here’s to the next iteration of your grand plan. ✨

Lots of thoughts brewing, just need a bit more time to process. In the meantime, if it feels good & brings you one step closer to you, keep going.

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Thinking bout personal boundaries today. Do you ever feel resentful or guilty around things you’ve said yes to?

I pull a card from my oracle deck each morning before I rise as part of my morning ritual & this morning my card was Personal Boundaries.

This card relates to the Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) which is shifting in my energetic body at the moment.

I said yes to a lot this week & in hindsight I can see that I set myself up to feel the hallmark feelings of weak boundaries: resentment & guilt.

Here’s what I mean.

Resentment rises when we say yes to make someone else happy, even though it’s out of alignment for us. “I do everything for you” or “But I did that for you so you should do this for me.” Or some other iteration of tit for tat communication. If that’s you, practice saying “let me think about it” before you commit & get right with your alignment before you do.

Guilt rises when we commit to a request that feels personal & we may let someone down when we say no. What’s worse tho, saying no in the moment or bailing? Today I bailed & it felt so lame. Not only were the plans out of alignment for me, now I was even further out of alignment because I went back on my word & commitment. If this sounds familiar, see above, rinse & repeat.

When we say yes when we want to say no we give away our power & energy. Try this powerful reframe on for size, saying no is actually saying yes to yourself & your needs & allows you to be more present & connected to your life & those in it. Ya know?

How do you stay in alignment & who supports you in that endeavour?

#meganjanesoutar #meganjanecoaching #youarewhole #backtoyou #reiki #energyhealing #quotes #powerful #motivationalquotes #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoach #femaleempowerement #growth #growthmindset #passion #power #babesupportingbabes #qotd #changemaker #womeninbusiness #inspiration #ladyboss #girlboss #femalefounder #femaleboss #grateful

Last night I stepped into circle with 40 other women to share a piece of my heart & now my heart is even more full.

I hold no belief more true & steadfast in my soul than the knowing that sharing our stories, being vulnerable, letting others witness our humanness & speaking our truth is the key to healing the world.

Love you @graceclubyvr for holding space where women can tell their stories. Love you fellow story tellers & wise women for your wisdom. Love you @lululemonyvr for hosting, the sun on my face was 👌🏼.

Were you there last night? What did you resonate with most?

#meganjanesoutar #meganjanecoaching #youarewhole #backtoyou #reiki #energyhealing #quotes #powerful #motivationalquotes #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoach #femaleempowerement #growth #growthmindset #passion #power #babesupportingbabes #qotd #changemaker #womeninbusiness #inspiration #ladyboss #girlboss #femalefounder #femaleboss #grateful

Real quick q for you... Do you ever procrastinate?

This week I was hit HARD w a case of the stalls. I needed to write blogs part 2 & 3 to follow up to part 1, to outline a workshop on Positive Psychology & Gratitude that I’m doing with @graceclubyvr next week, to sell shoes, to work out.

Here’s what got done - the selling @olukai part.

I also spent time with my family, took part in a Jade Egg workshop with intuitive teacher & fellow feminist @violetquartz, saw an old friend there; shared stories from our hearts, planned a massive party & got my hair done.

A fulfilling & productive week AND not really what I planned.

New q, this time for myself, how do I do what I planned to do now?

Step 1: call up @bridgettelclare, download all fears & worries so she can walk me through what comes next. She’s a badass friend, see photo & her latest post for proof.

Step 2: set aside the time to write the workshop, all the wisdom is there & soon it will be in writing.

Step 3: make dinner for @marlon.a.thompson & his mama for laughs while giving myself a break, all will get done.

How do you quell procrastination & the inevitable downward spiral that follows?!

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Sometimes we keep our pain close to our hearts because that’s where it needs to live for a little while, until we heal enough to feel safe to share.

Watch & listen to why I kept my unplanned pregnancy & abortion close to my heart & how any fear of judgement was quelled by support & love & sharing from my larger support system when I decided to open up.

Vulnerability ftw.

If you haven’t read part one, check out the link to my blog in my bio. Part two on Tuesday.

#vulnerability #abortion #prochoice #meganjanesoutar #meganjanecoaching #youarewhole #backtoyou #reiki #energyhealing #quotes #powerful #motivationalquotes #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoach #femaleempowerement #growth #growthmindset #passion #power #babesupportingbabes #qotd #changemaker #womeninbusiness #inspiration #ladyboss #girlboss #femalefounder #femaleboss #grateful

I was pregnant when this photo was snapped but didn’t know. I look at it now & can’t remember what life was like before she was here.

If you know me, you know that I am an advocate & loud voice for fair & equal reproductive rights for women.

If you know me well, you know I became an advocate for myself, my baby & our rights in October last year.

There’s been deep comfort in keeping her to myself, in taking the time I needed to heal my body, heart, soul & mind post abortion, before sharing our story with the world.

So as a justice prepares to retire from the US Supreme Court & makes way for a right leaning appointee, I can’t keep her to myself anymore, even though I’m still healing. Roe vs. Wade, the law that upholds a woman’s right to an abortion in the US will undoubtably be challenged with a significant chance it will be overturned.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know I have a firm belief that we heal ourselves & our planet by sharing our stories without shame. Our voices rise for those who can’t use their own.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that I am a feminist with an intention to use my privilege to advocate for the rights of women & marginalized people until the end of time.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll recognize this phrase: you are loved, your ARE love, we are one. My mantra for my baby, myself & for you.

If you recognize yourself in my words and / or have been triggered by the news in the US this week & would like some support, DM me.

If my words trigger you, let’s talk.

If you want to know more about my experience, read my blog, link in bio.

If you don’t believe in a woman’s right to choose, this is likely where we part ways.

#prochoice #roevwade #meganjanesoutar #meganjanecoaching #youarewhole #backtoyou #reiki #energyhealing #quotes #powerful #motivationalquotes #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoach #femaleempowerement #growth #growthmindset #passion #power #babesupportingbabes #qotd #changemaker #womeninbusiness #inspiration #ladyboss #girlboss #femalefounder #femaleboss #grateful

Me. All day. During this full moon in Capricorn.

Nervous system SOS protocol after a long day of driving, communicating, 2 coffees (1 more than normal), to do list overwhelm & no exercise & a week of elevated grief for brother & baby, as follows.

7 minutes of indoor tanning - this is a red alert soothing technique for me - white noise, warmth, vitamin D. Yes, I protect my face & eyes.

Nourishing homemade meal.

Crystal bath (for my crystals).

Crystal bath (for me).

Meditation - breathe, let it rise, let it go.

Bed + 8.5 of the good stuff.

Tomorrow is a new day.

It’s so important to remember that we have the power to make the choice to slow down for even 2 minutes - in our car, in the bathroom, on a street bench - to breathe, to repeat our mantras, to smile at a baby or strangers.

What do you do to self-soothe when you feel a little outta control & activated?

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Your potential is truly as vast & endless as the ocean & sky.

Still on a high from my IG Live on addiction & self-abandonment with @createthelove last night. So many laughs, so much insight. Did you watch? What did you think?

Here’s the deal, your potential is endless & one of the ways you maximize it is by creating opportunities for yourself; ask for what you want in this life & offer gratitude when it comes your way. Thank you Mark, love you so.

We create our reality by asking for what we want - so who’s next for an IG live & what do you guys want to know more about?

#ask #create #meganjanesoutar #meganjanecoaching #youarewhole #backtoyou #reiki #energyhealing #quotes #powerful #motivationalquotes #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoach #femaleempowerement #growth #growthmindset #passion #power #babesupportingbabes #qotd #changemaker #womeninbusiness #inspiration #ladyboss #girlboss #femalefounder #femaleboss #grateful

Lately I’ve been reading & writing about personal power; how we lose it when we abandon ourselves & we find it when we speak our truth.

What do I mean when I say abandon ourselves? When we say yes when we mean no, when we ignore the red flags at the beginning of a relationship, when we spend money we don’t have, we abandon ourselves.

We abandon ourselves when we ignore our hearts, our mind & our intuition. Read that again, deep breathe in, let it settle.

When we choose ourselves, our hearts, our bodies, our basic needs over all else & when we tell our truths (often telling the truth to ourselves is all it takes) we take back our power.

Our truth might be - “I’m going to end this relationship because I’m unhappy in it. Even though I’m terrified of being alone I KNOW in the deepest part of me that eventually I’ll be happier alone than I ever will be in it” - if we can stay in the discomfort of the aloneness of our decision & wait for peace, our personal power lies just around the corner & we will find joy greater than we’ve ever known.

This is the truth of the universe my friends, choose your truth & the world will open up for you, choose to abandon yourself & you will relive painful lessons over again until you choose you.

@sacredcenters wrote this beautiful line in her book Eastern Body Western Mind in the chapter on the Third Chakra. Third Chakra is where our ego & shame live, where vitality & purpose live. I consider balancing my Third Chakra the most important work of my life right now, it is where all my big lessons live - self-esteem over arching all of it.

If you got this far & you want to know more about your energetic system click the link in my bio & come see me for Reiki, I’d love to see you.

#meganjanesoutar #meganjanecoaching #youarewhole #backtoyou #reiki #energyhealing #quotes #powerful #motivationalquotes #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoach #femaleempowerement #growth #growthmindset #passion #power #babesupportingbabes #qotd #changemaker #womeninbusiness #inspiration #ladyboss #girlboss #femalefounder #femaleboss #grateful

Do you ever worry that they’re not gonna like you? They're gonna judge you? Maybe question your credentials? That you’re not good enough? Ya, samesies.

I launched my coaching & Reiki biz in March & nearly immediately began to engage self sabotaging behaviour, I stopped writing, here & on my blog & I stopped marketing my business.

Example thoughts:
Who am I to coach other women?

Do I really have the ability to help people heal their wounds?

Can I still swear on IG?

Does this photo (literally this photo) make me look *disparaging word*? F*** it, don’t post anything.

How do I address my privilege & be inclusive & still market myself to the women who need my services?

I was honestly paralyzed with fear, fear of not being enough & making a mistake. I felt like I couldn’t share my struggles because I was supposed to be helping other people navigate theirs.

Add to that fear around going broke because I’m not writing / marketing my business & I’m now in REAL deep with self-sabotage, an endless cycle of self-sabotage one might say.

Luckily I have a friend & ER coach in @createthelove to set me straight.
He reminded me that it’s my voice, story & vulnerability that allows me to connect with other people.

He reminded me that we will always be growing, changing, struggling with something & if sharing my wins & perceived losses is how I connect, keep doing that.

In a world of gimmicks, social media gurus promising followers & courses on how to fill your sales funnel it’s important to remember that YOU are your own sales funnel.

So, if you’re doubting your abilities, your ability to serve other people, your purpose; reach out to someone(s) you trust & share how you’re feeling, allow them to support you by reminding you of what makes your great & how you connect & then do that.

Another way out of self-sabotage & negative self-talk is to get back to basics, remind yourself why you started down this path & find some resonance with that why in your body by taking some deep breaths with your feet on the floor. Refocus on your goals while staying present in the moment.

We’re bound to doubt ourselves, it’s part of our growth, just don’t linger there.

Ho’oponopono for short, a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness & reconciliation.

My brother died in February after a surprising & late in the game lung cancer diagnosis. For the sake of this story I’ll share that David was born with brain damage & suffered from severe mental illness. He was 17 years older than me & in my experience, wasn’t totally sold on me when I came along to ruin the only child party. Without exposing my family’s unique dynamics too finely I will say that my brother & I had a challenging & painful relationship for most of our lives.

So as he was dying, I recognized that we had some distance to cover in terms of connection & forgiveness & that I would have to initiate the process. While David was a comedic genius, an intuit & wiser than my entire family in many ways, I knew that he likely wouldn’t make the connection between his illness & the time we were going to lose because of it.

Since our relationship was sometimes strained I started small, reciting these words in my head whenever I thought of it or him, as I drove to the hospice & as I watched him sleep & the distance lessened.

Next, a baby step, I apologized for all the things, big & little, in one go by asking if he remembered all the times we argued (he did) & we both agreed that we’d come a long way. “I’m sorry, David”, “I’m sorry too, Megan”. •
I love you was never lacking in our house but now I held his hand & looked him in the eyes instead of rushing off the phone or out the door. Another bridge built.

Then, as many times as I could, I thanked him for being my brother & for showing me what true grit, determination & bravery look like.

Bad news? I wish we had more time, there’s always more to say. Good news? We do, it just looks different.

I’m sharing this story & the Ho’oponopono with you now because it works. As a prayer. As a mantra. As a bridge to connect you to the ones you love who are no longer here. I feel it’s a part of what we all need right now, a healing salve for our traumas & wounds.

When your mind wanders to the human rights violations happening in America right now & the trauma those families are experiencing, repeat this prayer, help heal the divide.

I live in a rainforest. I love that rainforest. That is all.

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