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Megan Guarnier 

The trick to all the long days in the saddle? @docsskincare. Thank you @docsskincare for ensuring my comfort for the past 3 years! Best #natural chamois cream and #natural saddle ointment out there! I love this company ❤️ #womenscycling #naturalskincare #goodbyechaffing

Seven years on @iamspecialized: 3 US National Road Race titles (2012, ‘15, ‘16), Women’s World Tour Overall #uciwwt (‘16), 65 UCI Podiums, World Championship Road Race Podium (‘15), and the Rio de Janeiro #Olympics. Thank you @iamspecialized_wmn for your support over the years and providing me with the best equipment in the world, so I could be my best.
📸 CorVos (2014, ‘17), Balint Hamvas (‘15), @tornanti_cc (‘18) @boelsdolmansct

With much gratitude, it is time to bring an end to this wonderful chapter. I reflect on all the incredible people that helped me on my journey at my website (link in my bio). #womenscycling 📸 CorVos, Casey Gibson

Always proud to fight to the end with my @boelsdolmansct teammates. That’s a wrap on @ladies_tour_of_norway. 📸 @tornanti_cc (thank you for all the amazing photos!) *
#womenscycling #norway #uciwwt #iamspecialized #iamspecialized_wmn #iamspecialized_road

First stage of @ladies_tour_of_norway finished. @karolanncanuel won everyone’s hearts (again) with her courageous, incredibly strong solo ride in the finale. (As seen here, @boelsdolmansct was gutted for her.) 📸 @tornanti_cc #womenscycling #uciwwt #norway

A painful pedal with some of my closest buddies @boelsdolmansct. 📸 @tornanti_cc *
#womenscycling #norway🇳🇴 @ladies_tour_of_norway #uciwwt

Taking in the views with @boelsdolmansct at team presentation for @ladies_tour_of_norway! #norway #womenscycling 📸 @tornanti_cc

France these days. #outsideisfree #fromwhereiride #france #sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻

Spending the next 24 hours in airports so I’m treating myself to something a little more beautiful than the seat pocket in front of me. #outsideisfree

In our household, we have the rule of thumb “bike racers are not mechanics”. Thankfully, @velofix_sv came right to my house to get me up and running (quickly)! Thank you @velofix! (Not only that, but they send have one of the best mechanics in the business, the legend, Dave Prion.)

Looking back to Stage 7 #GiroRosa ITT, I will always carry fond memories of the cheers from my “competitors”. It’s not often in this sport where you get to truly appreciate your competition, but it shows a lot of class when you receive encouragement from “the competition”. This is what I love about cycling. We are all in this crazy sport together. #respect .
I also loved hearing my name cheered by spectators ALL the way up the climb. Super cool to have crowds of people cheering your name! It was definitely necessary up that difficult (and very beautiful) mountain! Thank you #womenscycling fans! @boelsdolmansct 📸 @tornanti_cc