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And just like that they’ve grown up. Piper is obsessed ( and too darn quick!) at scaling the steps, and Cohen is always “watching out “ for her ( aka- tattling on her) for climbing the steps! These two are so fun to watch and i’m so glad they have each other. ( while they probably disagree with that statement most times 😂😂) #lifeofasibling #siblings #kids #cohendavidpauly #piperelizabethpauly #10monthsold #2andahalfyearsold #celinatx #family

Happy Father’s Day to this man that loves these kids so fiercely! They are lucky to have you as their dad and I can’t wait to see the love and admiration grow. Thank you for being an example of Gods love for our kids. We love you Jordan! @djpauly #fathersday #happyfathersday #cohendavidpauly #piperelizabethpauly

Cohen’s school is awesome. How amazing is this photo! Cohen seriously thinks he is a pro horse rider from the several different occasions when he has “ridden” a pony 😂😂🐴🏇🏼#horsebackriding #ponyride #prospertx #cohendavidpauly #2andahalfyearsold #fearless @djpauly

This girl loooovess any water bottle she can get her hands on! That smile is her excitement at getting her hands on my water. She is getting so big and I love watching her grow and see her personality develop! 💕❤️☺️#piperelizabethpauly #10monthsold #babysmiles #smiles #hydroflask

Nana and Papa are in town, which means for one- we actually have someone to take our photo 😂, and 2, the kids are having a blast! Cohen will be talking about this visit for weeks! 💕❤️@djpauly @ppauly41 #family #familyphoto #cohendavidpauly #piperelizabethpauly #2yearsold #10monthsold #laughter #fullheart #friscotx

We are so thankful to have this guy home! 💕 @djpauly #homesweethome #cohendavidpauly #piperelizabethpauly #slibings #celinatx #daddy

These two are my heart and joy. My greatest blessing and greatest challenge. Cohen is so sweet with Piper, pushing her in the bike, and the next minute he is pushing her over and hitting her 🤦🏼‍♀️ #siblings 🙄 This poor girl is gonna grow up one tough cookie that’s for sure! #cohendavidpauly #piperelizabethpauly #family #love #childhood #playoutside #texasheat #celinatx

Piper is TEN months old!! I can not believe it! Time is flying by! Piper is such a happy and chill baby, I am sooo blessed by her and so thankful to be her mama. She is starting to take steps on her own and is super excited about it. She loves waking around the house behind her walker toy, and tries to get to the steps or dog food at any chance. She also loves pulling out anything she can in the pantry 😯. She has SIX teeth and is loving using them! ( weather she bites me, or devours her food.. ) She keeps me on my toes, but in such a good way. Her laughter will brighten a room, and I cherish her smiles. Cohen loves her so much too! He insisted on getting in the pictures, and even said he needed a “circle sticker too” 😂 I love these two with everything that I have!! #piperelizabethpauly #cohendavidpauly #10monthsold #tenmonthsold #2almost3yearsold #siblings #love #family #smiles @djpauly

I had fun joining the kids for their end of session picnic at school. Piper has started joining in on all the fun and I can’t believe she is getting so big!! 10 months old tomorrow! 😳 Time, slow down!! Cohen’s hair... it’s getting so long. What do I do? He gets called a girl probably once a week and one of the teachers asked if it was OK if they put it up when they played outside because he gets so hot and sweaty 😂😂😂. #cohendavidpauly #piperelizabethpauly #prospermontessoriacademy

I am so thankful God chose me, and blessed me to be their mama. These kids are beyond awesome. Motherhood is the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done. Some days you are scooping poop out of underwear and others you are laughing hysterically while your kid blows raspberries on your tummy. Sometimes your body is so sore because the kids just neeeeed to be held and other days are spent playing outside till the sun goes down. Some days are filled with tantrums and zero patience and other days I just sit and smile while my Cohen tells me that Jesus wants to be my friend forever. 💕 #mothersday #motherhood #itsworthit #love #kids

Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mom! I am so thankful for you! You’ve always set such a great example of how to love God, and your heart is so good and kind. I am so blessed to call you mom!! Thanks for always being there for me! @ruhbarb #mothersday

Saturdays are the best. 🤗 Jordan is in town after tons of traveling and we had so much fun hanging out with our besties! Happy birthday Elle! Cohen had so much fun at the trampoline park, and then we ended the day hanging at the pool. It doesn’t get much better than this 💕 Im so thankful for awesome friends to do life with! @djpauly @djsjayhawk #besties #birthdaygirl #poolday @lightfarms @urbanairpark #urbanair @kellywalker27 #family #summertime #aeriereal

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