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Oh man, I really love this sweet friend, who the world recently lost to cancer. 25 years ago, almost to the day, our parents signed us up for AYSO soccer on the mosquito-ridden Maunawili field. Our team was pretty bad. We never scored any goals. But one game, Ryder was near the goal with the ball and had a clear shot (it would have been our first goal of the season). Instead of being the hero, he passed it to me and I kicked it in. I felt like a rockstar. Hugging and fist pumping ensued. That was just how Ryder was, always, in every aspect of his life. He was supportive and encouraging and would always lift people up. He was brilliant. Literally a genius. I think society overuses that word, but it really applies to him. As kids we would go on walks and he would pick flowers for my hair, but not without first telling me everything he knew about that flower: Hawaiian name, sometimes the scientific family it lived in, where it grows best. As adults, he would always be down for an adventure. I'd say "let's go on a hike" and he would say, "oh! I was just driving on the Pali and saw a waterfall so I pulled over and starting hiking to it. I didn't find the one I was looking for, but I found another one, let's go!" He took everything you said seriously and like it was the most important thing in the world, a rare quality. I'd say, "there's a cave I'd like to see in Vietnam" and he would look at his calendar and say "I'm probably not free for two years, but let's plan on it." And unlike everyone who says "let's get lunch" and doesn't follow through (myself included), you always knew he would follow through. I think the crux of it is that Ryder is someone who made every person, no matter how long he knew them for, feel special and heard and known. I hope to instill that quality into my life and to be more like him. He was immensely intelligent, a brilliant doctor, and honestly, the absolute best human. I love you Ryder. A hui hou

Happy birthday to my sweet Seastar!!!! I cannot wait for fun times ahead πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ‘―

Road trip day 14: saying goodbye to lovely Laura and not-so-snuggly Gus πŸ’•


Road Trip Day 13: Seattle. Fun fact: my dad proposed to my mom at the top of the Space Needle

Met this youngest DeBoard today! Cedar Clay DeBoard 😍

Road trip day 11: Seattle 😍 (if you squint you can see Mt. Rainier)

Molly and I are the best of friends (I LOVE HER. I WANT ONE.)

Road trip day 9: checked into a tiny house. Brb, dreams coming true. 😍

Looking for the Hogwarts Express πŸš‚

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