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Megan Absten  US Paralympic Track and Field Athlete 4x All American / LJ AR IMG Ambassador ->DM or email for camp inquires

Issa shark bite 🦈


Accurate depiction of Sara and I when there’s one piece of pumpkin bread left

Love this lil nugget 🐶 & also these lululemon pants that literally snatch your waist 😍🙌🏼

A love like no other 💞

Staying "centered" as an amputee can be both mentally and physically challenging. It's something that takes daily practice. I get a lot of questions about how I lost my arm, or if I have a hard time staying "centered" now that I don't have it. If I'm asked in person I usually just focus on the physical aspect of it and emphasize how important core strength is or something like that.
But I always walk away wishing I would've explained my mental practices rather than my physical. Mostly because the people who inquire about how I'm doing with my situation are more often than not looking for the mental strategies. They may not even be aware that that's what they're looking for, but mental health carries much more weight than most people are aware of or willing to acknowledge. So I thought I would make a post about how I keep myself up when I'm feeling down, and balanced when my physical asymmetry becomes mentally frustrating. It's really pretty simple, even though I sincerely struggle as a perfectionist by nature. And in the social media driven era we are living in it sometimes seems like everything is really supposed to be perfect. I have to periodically remind myself that being at peace with myself is only possible when I stop comparing me to someone else. I'm sure you've read this concept somewhere before, but I want you to take it serious!! I had read articles, Instagram captions, blog posts, etc. about how unhealthy it is to compare yourself to someone else. But after I actually conceptualized how toxic it is for me to look at some completely different human, and think that somehow my value depreciates because of what else is out there is just completely FOOLISH the act of comparison was, it became easy to love myself. So here is your reminder that perfection isn't what you see on social media, perfection is you when you learn to be content with what you have and who you are.

Pull up in the whip like what's hapnin' 😛

She keeps me humble 😆

Repost from @saraabsten •"two hearts, one dream 💫"

I love this picture because it's just real, ACTUALLY candid and captures us in our element. It's moments like these that so many people don't put a price tag on. And warning ‼️ this caption may be controversial. We spend so much time doing this fake “candid” thing, (I'm guilty 🙋🏽). We put way too much effort into staging our lives for social media. Why? Because it gets more likes than raw, unfiltered photos would and we have to maintain our “Instagram aesthetic”. Sure, this photo fits my aesthetic, and it's edited, lol. But why is this what social media has become? Why do the metrics matter? Why do we like posts of fake people and like memes because our friends already double tapped them? I don't have an answer, and sometimes I think we’re a more advanced generation because of our capabilities on social media, but other times it feels like we are just so brainwashed by all of it. Our parents might have a point when it comes to our inability to be present and live in the moment. But maybe they just point it out because they know what we’re missing. There is so much to gain from being in the moment and none of us do it enough.
I feel like I often look to those with more life experience than me for advice and wisdom. But what I think I don’t consider enough is how much there is to learn from younger generations. You can learn from anyone younger or older than you, but either way you can only do so by being present. I don't necessarily think about it when we’re just out on the track practicing. But I learn so much just from times like this in training with my sister and watching her grow & it's photos like this that remind me how important those moments really are!!


The resurgence 🥀🌹 #comebackwave 📸: @marcusgjohnson

Love me a good sweat sesh 😊💦

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